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  • Submitting School Mental Health Clinic & Wellness Center Referrals for Non-Emergency Mental Health Services

    School Mental Health Clinics and Wellness Centers provide individual and family therapy for LAUSD students of all ages. At this time all services are provided remotely by telephone or videoconferencing.

    Please note: We are not a crisis response service center. If you or your child needs immediate support (is an immediate threat to the safety of themselves or others) please contact 911 for assistance. You can also contact the LA County Department of Mental Health 24hr hotline at 800-854-7771. 

    To submit a referral for services, please complete the referral form as completely and accurately as possible.

         1. Ensure all student, family, and referring party contact information added the form is up to date and accurate, including cell phone and email addresses for the parent(s) or adult student.

         2. SMH Clinic & Wellness Center staff can provide assistance to families, if needed, to access behavioral/mental health services through their private (employer or family paid) insurance plans.

         3. Please check off the family's preferred clinic site to be seen at after schools and clinics re-open.

         4. Do not fax or mail the referral forms to any of the addresses on the referral forms at this time as all clinics are closed.

         5. Submit the completed referral form to the selected clinic/wellness center site via the email addresses indicated below. Once the referral has been received, clinic staff will reply to inform you that it has been received and is being processed.

    Clinic and Wellness Center Self Referral Form (English)

    Clinic and Wellness Center Self Referral Form (Spanish)

    Clinic and Wellness Center School Referral Form (English)

    Clinic and Wellness Center School Referral Form (Spanish)

    School Mental Health Clinic Emails

    for submitting referrals


    LD South

    Carson Wellness Center:

    San Pedro Clinic: 

    Locke Wellness Center:

    97th St. Clinic:

    LD West

    Crenshaw Wellness Center:

    Washington Wellness Center:

    LD Central

    Belmont Wellness Center:

    Ramona Clinic:

    Roybal Learning Center:


    LD East

    Gage Wellness Center:

    Elizabeth Learning Center:

    Bell Clinic at Ellen Ochoa Learning Center:

    LD Northwest and Northeast

    Valley Clinic:


  • Contact


    Joel Cisneros, LCSW

    333 S. Beaudry Ave. 29th Floor
    Los Angeles, CA 90017
    P: (213) 241-3841

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