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    Advisory Lessons

    The Office of Human Relations, Diversity & Equity has created an array of short, student facing Push & Play lessons for educators to utilize in their secondary advisory classes.  Please feel free to peruse our library of lessons and share with your students.  Have an idea for a great lesson?  Please e-mail our resident Push & Play content creator here.  


    Most Recent Additions

    Ellen Page Comes Out as Trans: 'My Name Is Elliot'

    Elliot Page

    This lesson plan introduces students to Elliot Page.  On December 1st, 2020 acclaimed movie star came out as Transgender, providing more visibility and committing to advocate for the Transgender community.  


     Pauli Murray Infographic

    Pauli Murray

    This lesson plan introduces students to Pauli Murray, Civil Rights activist and pioneer.


    Jeanne Manford marching with her son carrying a sign Parents of Gays Unite in Support for our Children

    Jeanne Manford

    This lesson introduces students to Jeanne Manford.  Jeanne Manford created PFLAG, the first and largest organization unitign parents, families and allies with people who are LGBTQ+.  




    street sign that says wounded knee featuring people walking around and people riding horses

    What Happened at Wounded Knee?

    This lesson encourages students to examine the events preceeding the Massacre at Wounded Knee.  Students will use their critical thinking skills to examine this historic event and how it has been portrayed in modern history. 


    protesters advocating for the cleveland indians to change their name and logo

    Cleveland Indians Name Change 2022

    This lesson will allow students to explore the use of Indigenous Peoples cultures as caricatures for professional sports team.  Students will learn about the historical and current events and reflect on their own thoughts about this practice.  

  • Out for Safe Schools Campaign 2017

  • We Are One - Standing With Immigrant Families Campaign

Additional Advisory Lessons

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