• What's New with the Certify data tool?

Release Notes - Bug Fixes & Rule Updates

  • 12/11/2017 Release Notes

    Updates have been made to the following rules: 

    ELL 060-0180 -Secondary EL students not enrolled in a course flagged as ELD or LTEL in the course master - For 4x4 schools, regular school terms are included in the report; it should only consider half school terms when checking for the ELD or LTEL course.

    ATT 010-0600 - Graduates and Grades 7-12 Dropouts, Four Year  Report -
    •Updated “Adult School” filter.  Adult School Status will be verified, instead of taking transferring code as assumed.
    •Updated latest LEA information for transfer students.

  • 12/4/2017 Release Notes

    The following EL rules will now also appear on the Scheduling scorecard: 
    -EL 060-0180 - Secondary EL students not enrolled in a course flagged as ELD or LTEL in the course master

    -EL 060-0240 - Sections with conflicting English Learner Service and Language of Instruction section attributes.

    -EL 060-0220 - Any class that has one or more EL students that is missing an EL service section attribute.

    (These rules will also still appear on the EL scorecard.)

    ATT 010-0060 - Grades 7-12 Graduates and Dropouts, Four Year Report - This report has been suspended again due to inaccuracies.  Will return after modifications have been made. 


  • 11/27/2017 - Release Notes

    The following reports have been modified to ONLY INCLUDE CURRENTLY ENROLLED students.  However, the COUNT_DAY_IND is still present to flag those students that were at your school on 10/4/2017 (Census Count Day):
    - DEM 030-0021 Students with both race codes missing.
    - DEM 030-0022 Students with Additional Race information but missing Primary Race.
    - EL 060-0033 Students missing Current Language Classification and/or Current Language Classification Date (TE-12 only)
    - EL 060-0039 Students classified as LEP without an English Learner Master Plan Program.
    - EL 060-0040 Students classified as EO with initial or Annual CELDT scores.
    - EL 060-0070 Student's primary language conflicts with Initial Lang Classification
    - EL 060-0080 Student with RFEP date, but current classification is not RFEP
    - EL 060-0090 Initial Language Classification Date is earlier than School Entry Date (records with current school year dates)
    - EL 060-0100 Students missing Initial Language Classification but have Master Plan Program
    - EL 060-0160 EO, IFEP, RFEP students with an EI, ME, LTEL master plan program (currently enrolled students only)
    - EL 060-0170 Students enrolled in an alternative language cost center (dual, bilingual, maint, transitional) with no master plan program
    - EL 060-0190 LEP students with no first US enrollment date

    Immunization Reports - These reports will be enabled starting 11/27 and have been modified to only include students in TE, TK and K; they are viewable by users with Enrollment/Demographics role in Certify:
    - IMM 080-0010 Students with Future Immunization Dates
    - IMM 080-0020 Students with Immunization Dates Less than their Date Of Birth
    - IMM 080-0040 Students with Missing Immunization records (This report will be at severity level 3 - Compliance Warning)

    Return of ATT 010-0060 - Grades 7-12 Graduates and Dropouts, Four Year Report - This report was disabled on 11/01 after several issues were reported by schools on the data. 
    - The report’s query has been modified and will be enabled starting 11/27.
    - The job aid has also been modified and the link has been updated to the report.
    - The column STUDENT_STATUS_DETAILS has also been included to help schools with providing additional information about the student’s status.
    - The file that we received has a DATE_REFRESHED of 11/16/2017.