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    Our team leverages a trauma-informed Multi-Tiered System of Support framework to support teachers and all stakeholders in the implementation of PBIS/RP The team supports school sites with the cultivation of safe, healthy, welcoming, and affirming learning environments while establishing a culture of learning and positive behavior, systems and structures that address the wellness and social-emotional needs of the whole child, whole classroom, whole school, and whole community.

    Effective PBIS/RP is achieved through good teaching. School-wide and classroom behavioral expectations are defined, taught, reinforced, monitored, and corrected. Structure and sense of safety are maximized by developing predictable routines, using effective management strategies, co-regulation approaches and stress reduction behaviors and strategies. Students are actively engaged in culturally and linguistically responsive learning experiences that reinforce appropriate and expected behaviors and provide multiple opportunities to learn and practice these skills.

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    Administrative Coordinator:

    Laura Zeff 

    333 S. Beaudry Ave. 29th Floor
    Los Angeles, CA 90017
    P: (213) 241-0394


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