• This doctor treats LAUSD’s new immigrant arrivals. She was once one of them

    Claudia Martin

    This summer's headlines were dominated by news of children separated from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border. The separation is likely to cause lasting trauma for these young immigrants.

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  • School Enrollment Placement and Assessment (S.E.P.A.) Center 

    Program Objectives
    Staff at the S.E.P.A. Center:

        • Assists students and families with the enrollment process and
           coordinates with schools for immediate enrollment

        • Provides families with information and assist with obtaining resources
           or referrals needed

        • Monitors the needs of students and families and collaborates with
           LAUSD and non-LAUSD service providers to ensure the necessary
           resources are available and utilized 

    Program Staff
    The staff at the center consists of a coordinator, a pupil service and attendance counselor (PSA), a school psychiatric social worker (PSW), a nurse practitioner, a medical assistant, an immunization nurse, a Children’s Health Access and Medi-Cal Program (CHAMP) advocate, two interpreter aides and an office technician.
    The coordinator oversees the services offered through the S.E.P.A. Center and throughout the District and provides advocacy, training, outreach to students, families, schools and the community.

        • The PSA case manages students to prevent delays in enrollment, educate and
           offers guidance regarding student/parent rights, responsibilities and attendance

        • The PSW assesses students/families for trauma and provides mental health
           interventions and referrals 

        • The PSA and PSW provide unaccompanied youth with referrals to legal
           organizations for legal services

        • The Nurse Practitioner takes patient histories, performs physical exams, orders
           labs, analyzes lab results, prescribes medicines, authorizes treatments and
           educates patients and families on continued care

        • The immunization nurse reviews the immunization records, determines the need
           and vaccinates the students

        • The CHAMP advocate provides information and assists families with enrollment
           into health insurance plans

        • The classified staff welcomes the families and provides translation to students
           and families for school enrollment, assist those with limited written skills, makes
           appointments, answers calls and assists with maintaining data


        • School Enrollment 

        • Immunizations and TB testing

        • Mental Health and Social Service Referrals 

        • Physicals/Sport Physicals 

        • Nutrition Education 

        • Health Insurance Enrollment (CHAMP)

        • Legal Assistance Referrals


    What information should I bring to the S.E.P.A. Center

    Please note: families will still receive assistance regardless of having any of the following documents

    School Enrollment

        • Utility Bill

        • Parent Identification

        • Birth certificate


        • Vaccination Records

        • Consent (see forms)

        • Physicals

        • Consent (see forms)

        • Medical History Packet (see forms)

    Referral forms

        • Health Insurance Enrollment (CHAMP)

        • Legal Assistance referrals

        • Documents (see forms)

  • For additional information, please contact
    Nicole Mitchell, Coordinator
    1339 Angelina Street,
    Los Angeles, CA. 90026
    Monday - Friday
    8:00 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
    Appointment/Walk-in Immunizations (last walk-in at 2 p.m.)
    Physicals by appointment only
    To schedule an appointment or for questions call: (213) 482-3954

    Located near Temple St. and North East Edgeware Rd. on the grounds of Plasencia Elementary. On Angelina Street, proceed up the stairs to the entrance of the S.E.P.A. Center. 

What's New

The mission of the School Enrollment Placement and Assessment (S.E.P.A.) Center is to ensure that students are provided all services required to enroll in school and to connect the family to additional supports needed for academic, social and emotional success.

  • Contact

    Executive Director:
    Pia V. Escudero, LCSW

    333 S. Beaudry Ave., 29th Floor
    Los Angeles, CA 90017
    P: (213) 241-3840
    F: (213) 241-3305
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  • What's New

    Student with Backpack

    The American Red Cross (ARC) staff has been working closely with the S.E.P.A. Center for the last few years.  ARC has shared resources and information vital for our students and families regarding preparedness and safety.  In October of this year, ARC donated backpacks to the S.E.P.A. Center to support the targeted student populations served at the center.  The backpacks included school supplies, a few hygiene items and a raincoat.  The students were excited to receive the backpacks and are looking forward to utilizing them when they enroll in school.  The S.E.P.A. Center would like to thank ARC for the kind donation.  To find out more about ARC resources, click here

    SEPA Workshop

    The SEPA Center presented to the Associated Student Body (ASB) at the end of September.  Over 100 of our students received information on the We Are One LA Unified: Standing with Immigrant Families.  The presentation highlighted the board resolutions making school sites safe zones and resource centers, the website with information and resources for immigrant students and families and the services provided by the SEPA Center, Wellness Center and school based health clinics.  Students heard about the support and scholarships available for DACA recipients as well.  The students were tasked to go back to their schools and share the information and resources at their school site.  

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