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The 2018 Food Service Managers Orientation is coming soon to a location near you!


    Food Service Manager, Aleen Luna, her cafeteria staff, and a parent volunteer inspire students to eat more fruits and vegetables and to appreciate them with their fabulous food art using fresh fruits and vegetables.  Not only are they great cooks but artists as well!  Thank you, Aleen, for making FAW such a success at your school.

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    Posted 05/10/2018

    52nd St. Elementary School enjoying the cantaloupe chunks for FAW

    Tonae Says “kids are so excited about the FAW cantaloupe chunks that they are eating them in line before reaching the lunch tables!” “ The (FAW)items are making more kids come to eat ...and they are eating more fruits and vegetable and coming back to ask for more!”

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    Posted 05/10/2018


    Crestwood Elementary Food Service Manager, Atala Del cid, gets her students excited about FAW by displaying their bright and colorful fruit-veggie pictures in the cafeteria.  Thank you, Atala, for “nourishing children to achieve excellence” by getting your students to think about, color, and eat more fresh fruits and vegetables!

    Picture 1

    Posted 05/09/2018



    Mayra Colindres, Food Service Manager at Commonwealth Elementary, you are a Lunch Hero in so many ways!  Thank you for doing such a great job promoting FAW at your school.  You have inspired your staff, teachers, and students to eat more fruits and vegetables.  What a positive impact to have on your school community.

    Commonwealth Elementary School Food Service Worker, Razia Mamun, gets in on the FAW fun with her creations using the juicy, zesty orange smiles.  She also makes quite a fashion statement with her beautiful orange-colored scarf that matches so well with her art.  Perhaps oranges are her favorite fruit. (4 photos attached to coincide with this message)

    Ms. Niranda Wanthivanond’s 1st and Kinder class at Commonwealth Elem also join in on the fun of making art with fresh fruits and vegetables.  What an awesome way to encourage students to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables by weaving them into classroom activities.  Way to go, Ms. Wanthivanond! (1 photo)

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    Posted 05/09/2018



    Braddock cafeteria staff creates intriguing pieces of art with fresh fruits and vegetables that have caught the attention of their students.  

    SEE PICTURE | A Hungry Pear Mouse | A Banana Dolphin | A Puffy Orange Fish Blowing Bubbles

    A Colorful Sweet and Crunchy Snail

    Posted 05/09/2018


    FAW at Community Magnet Charter Elementary

    Ashley Johnson, Food Service Manager, you are awesome!  Thank you for going that extra mile to promote FAW and adding your own special touch to make it a bigger success.  Keep up the great work! 


    Posted 05/08/2018


    FAW at Nobel Middle School

    Food Service Manager, Judith Leano, surprise her students with these amazing works of fruit-veggie art.  Way to go Judith!  These inspiring pieces make kids think more about eating fresh fruits and veggies.


    Posted 05/08/2018


School Lunch Hero Day!

  • Posted March 13, 2018

    Taste Testing at El Sereno Middle School

    Students from El Sereno MS and Farmdale Elementary, parents, school staff and 5 of our own Food Service Managers came to El Sereno Middle School to taste test new possibilities for our menus. A total of nine new items were introduced. These are some of the menu items tasted: Beef & American Cheese Taco, Penne Pasta with Beef Marinara, Sicilian Cheese Wedge, Breaded Crispy ChickenTenders, etc.

    El Sereno MS

    Posted March 13, 2018


    $$ The Dollar Challenge $$

    The Consolidated Charitable Campaign is a way for LAUSD staff to help make a difference and bring hope to people in need throughout your communities. As champions for change, we ask if you will join the challenge!

    Ray Pointing

    Posted March 7, 2018


    Celebrating Black History Month

    At Cesar Chavez Elementary School, the Café LA team is proud to take part in the celebrations of Black History Month.  Food Service Manager Teresa Drumgole brings cultural outfits every Friday of the month to dress up and showcase them for the students as they go through the line getting their food. Teresa, Gloria Muñoz, and Rita Gray enjoy wearing the outfits and contributing to the celebrations of Black History Month!  

    BHM 2018

    Posted February 28, 2018

    Taking it a Step Further

    A giving community makes a big difference in our schools, even in our cafeterias.  This is the case at Anton Elementary school.  Food Service Manager Juan Mendoza takes his job a step further...he does volunteer work in the community!  It is through this volunteer work that he has been able to provide Anton ES with beautiful planters throughout the entire campus.  He did one special planter for his daily menu.  See the picture below of the Café LA Team at Anton ES and their Menu planter!

    Anton ES

     Posted February 20, 2018


    Pizarrón 52/Blackboard 52

    A Mascot guides students on healthy eating habits! That is how Channel 52 refered to Café LA Ray. Click the following link to see the news clip taken by Channel 52 at Michelle Obama Elementary regarding: Fighting Childhood Obesity – News clip is in Spanish!

    Ray at Obama ES

     Posted February 13, 2018

    Vegan Pilot Program!

    As you know, we started a Vegan Pilot Program at the beginning of the 2017-18 School Year. We are continuing to pilot this program throughout the District. We had 7 more schools that started the pilot at the end of January and we will have a total of 35 more schools in the pilot by the end of the school year. Stay tuned, we will continue to bring you more updates about this pilot program!


     Posted February 08, 2018


Where is Café LA Ray?

  • Posted January 30, 2018


Maywood Academy – Student Food Tasting

  • Taste Testing at Maywood Academy!

    Students at Maywood Academy had the opportunity to taste test some new possibilities for next year's menu. Besides tasting the new items, they get to give us their feedback, which helps us make better choices.  Some of the items tasted included: Cheesy Burger Sliders, Spaghetti Bowl with Tomato Beef Sauce, Philly Steak Pinwheel, Egg & Cheese on A Whole Grain Bun and Pillsbury Filled Crescent Grape.

    Maywood Acad

    Posted January 23, 2018


    Telemundo 52 Features Café LA Ray!

    On Wednesday, January 17, 2018, Café LA Ray joined the students at Michelle Obama Elementary School, to welcome Telemundo, who featured our awesome meal program and saw first hand how Café LA Ray motivated the students to make healthy habits a part of their lives. Ray moved, grooved and cheered the students on as they ate the well balanced and delicious Taco Bean Dip lunch.

    Ray at Obama EL

    Posted January 17, 2018


    A Primera HORA! (At the first HOUR)

    On January 11, 2018, Café LA Ray kicked off the New Year with a visit to Univision Studios in Culver City. Café LA Ray joined Ivy Marx, Senior Nutrition Specialist, on a television segment of “A Primera Hora” to showcase the nutritional benefits of the many school meal programs offered through LAUSD. Please CLICK HERE to watch the video!

    Ray 3

    January 11, 2018


    Supporting Our Communities!

    Looking at a brighter day despite the aftermath of this week’s fires.  Students and the community were invited to come and have a meal at Byrd MS, Palms MS and Reseda HS.  We were happy to have the support and attendance of Board Member Ms. Kelly Gonez, Café LA Ray and Acting Superintendent Ms. Vivian Ekchian at Byrd MS (picture shown). 

    Byrd MS

    December 8, 2017


Café LA Ray – Visits Esperanza Elementary


  • Café LA Mascot!


    Café LA Ray is the newest member to join the Food Services Team and if you would like Ray to visit your school site to market your food programs, please contact Dawn Soto at dawn.soto@lausd.net!


    Menu and Student Food Testing Meeting

    On November 14, 2017, Elizabeth Felix, Cafeteria Manager at Irving Middle School, hosted the largest and most diverse Student Food Testing to ever take place in the District.  There were a total of 58 participants in this meeting – 34 middle school students, 8 elementary students, 9 parents and after-school supervisors, and 7 Cafeteria Managers and Area Food Service Supervisor.


    From left to right:  Jhonson Carles, Miriam Stanziale, Lidia Ruiz, Maria Marshall, Irma Robles, Elizabeth Feliz, and Tumara Arnett


Share Our Strength

  • Thank you to Share Our Strength for inviting Food Service Division Director Joseph Vaughn to their LA No Kid Hungry Heroes Dinner this weekend.  Please enjoy his comments to the group.


    Japanese Contract Food Service Association!

    Members of the Japanese Contract Food Service Association recently met with Food Service Division Director Joseph Vaughn and his team at the Newman Nutritional Center. The primary interest of the group was to get acquainted with the management and operations of our school food service programs.



Students like Hot Supper says Travon Smith from Fremont High School!


  • Happy Halloween!

    Wishing everyone a Scary and Spooky Halloween! We thank you for getting in the spirit of the celebrations.
    In the picture: Left – Food Service Manager Maria Chan from Hamasaki Elementary and Right – Food Service Worker Mr. Skeleton!




    "Mr. Vaughn visited Virgil Middle School on Wednesday October 18. He was extremely pleased with how well the "Hot Supper Program" is working and enjoyed spending time with Cafeteria Manager Rocio Villanueva and her staff. Ms. Villanueva took Mr. Vaughn on a tour of the school and allowed him to observe lunch service, end of day paperwork, and the Hot Supper Program. We wish to thank the staff of Virgil Middle School for the excellent job they do every day feeding over 1500 meals per day!


    Virgil MS Café LA Staff from left to right: Fatham Jahan, Dina Moreno, Silvia Portillo, Rocio Villanueva and David Lemus

Food Donations and SB 557


  • L.A. Unified School Board Member Kelly Gonez visited Sylmar Charter High School last week and tried some of the vegan menu items being served at the school. Sylmar is one of seven high schools piloting the vegan menu.



    Crenshaw High, Cafeteria Manager, Peaches Funches, shared that the cheerleaders were especially pleased with the new vegan options.  A cheerleader said she liked the vegan foods, “Because Beyoncé (a.k.a. “Queen Bee”) is a vegan and I’m in her beehive.”  At Banning High, Angel Oliva, 11th grader had this thoughtful comment about the vegan menu, “It is inclusive of students who do not eat meat.” By providing more options to our dining experience, we are including as many students as possible to our meal program.

    Vegan 2

    Now Serving Vegan Meals!

    On Tuesday September 5, Food Services kicked off the new Vegan Pilot Menu.. Students at North Hollywood High School had the opportunity to taste the new menu and provide feedback. Senior Nutritionist Ivy Marx and Director of Food Services Joseph Vaughn were both present for the event which was featured on the Good Day LA show on FOX. Food Service Manager Nadine Jackson from Banning HS (on the right side picure below) is excited about being part of the this new Vegan Pilot!



    Visit to Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools

    CA Sup

    “On August 17, California State Superintendent of Instruction Mr. Tom Torlakson visited Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools to show his support of LAUSD afterschool programs and his opposition to the potential cuts to the 21st Century Community Learning Center funding. Superintendent Torlakson encouraged students to write letters to their representatives in Congress describing how these programs have benefited them. Director of Food Services Mr. Joseph Vaughn was also in attendance to show his support of our afterschool programs”.


    Where are we with the Vegan Menu Pilot?

    The Vegan Menu Pilot is underway!  We are excited to share the recent updates in our development of bringing vegan options to students.

    Vegan Pilot

    Beginning September 5 through November 17 a vegan option will be on the menu at 7 high schools throughout our district:

    Vegan Schools  

    Our Food Services Staff is committed to provide 100% support to the vegan pilot program by our development of tasteful menu options, bright eye-catching marketing materials, thorough cafeteria staff training, and hands-on support on-site at these schools when the pilot rolls out!  Our Training Specialists will be out at these schools August 28-31—the week before the pilot starts—creating a buzz of excitement by providing samples of the vegan products, ensuring marketing materials and products are highly visible and labeled, and promoting overall its arrival.  They will also hand out the required parent authorization forms to students who opt to have soy milk with their lunch.  We want to make it easily accessible for students—both vegan and non-vegan—to choose and receive a vegan product, if desired.    


    We are proud of our staff’s knowledge, skills, and excitement in the development of our vegan option menu and the marketing materials to promote it.  Our Nutrition Specialists worked with vendors to not only ensure products met nutritional and vegan standards, but were tasty and appealing; our Graphic Designer and Training Specialists created marketing materials inhouse that are sure to stir up curiosity and excitement for students to try a vegan option.   See below for the vegan menu and pictures of our taste-testing, training, and marketing materials.

    Vegan Menu rev




    Superintendent’s Inaugural Address

    Food Services made its presence felt at this year’s Superintendent’s Inaugural Address by catering a very delicious continental breakfast to all the guests! During Dr. King’s address, we were introduced to the more ambitious 2017-18 goals for achieving excellence and equity for L.A. students.   We are grateful to all the staff who worked the event,especially to Garfield’s HS Café LA Manager Mario Fiore for leading a very talented group of employees.  Lunch was also catered right after to all the new principals!


    Click here for more images of the event!

    Food Services Makes National News 

    Food Services Makes National News with Univision Network! On July 18, 2017,  Burbank Middle School set the stage for a story showcasing the positive impact we have on students through our healthy meals.  Members of the Univision crew flew out from Miami for this story, that included interviews with our very own Jhonson Carles, Burbank Middle School Cafeteria Manager, and Ivy Marx, Senior Nutrition Specialist.  The segment will air tomorrow July 29, 2017 on Univision during the 6:30 pm news show Noticiero Univision Fin de Semana.  From Left to Right, Martin Guzman (camera man), Dulce Castellanos (reporter), Grace Goldoni (producer), Ivy Marx, Jhonson Carles.

    Superintendent’s Annual Retirement Reception
    Food Services staff had the opportunity to cater for the Superintendent’s Annual Retirement Reception held at Ramon C. Cortines School of Visual and Performing Arts on June 21, 2017.  A very successful event offering menu items such as: Shrimp Ceviche, Carnitas, Quinoa, Pesto Salad, Lemon Caper Tuna Salad and a variety of other items were served. All retirees and their families, Board Members, Superintendent Michelle King and support staff enjoyed the delightful meal!
    Retirement Event