ITD Liaisons

  • ITD Liaisons are located at each Local District Office. They serve as the point person for Local District IT issue resolution and facilitate concerns through the IT Customer Services organization. The ITD Liaisons are available to work with principals and administrators to aid in the development and optimization of the schools’ technology plans.

    ITD Liaisons Responsibilities:

    1. Facilitate resolution of school site technology issues, technology strategy and technology implementation
    2. Serve as an escalation point for high priority issues for Schools and Local District leadership
    3. Perform trend analysis of tickets for regions and schools to optimize service delivery and issue resolution
    4. Survey and analyze open tickets to categorize and group common attributes on possible solutions to school site problems
    5. Perform analysis of school technology needs to assist in development and optimization of school site technology plans
    6. Represent ITD in Local District meetings
    7. Work with ITD Central Office to align instructional goals with ITD plans
    8. Run reports to track outcomes as they relate to IT Helpdesk service requests
    9. Collaborate with the IT Helpdesk on documentation and guides for users
    10. Compile "open issues" data for IT Leadership
    11. Identify high priority areas to escalate to ITD leadership for resolution
    12. Design, develop, and prepare IT Helpdesk issues reports for Local District management for distribution to management


    Local District IT Liaison
    Northeast: Phillip Lucero -
    Northwest: Jacqueline Samuels -
    East: James Hicks -
    South: Edgar Lira -
    Central: Jamie Campbell -
    West: Patrick Hume-Dawson -
    West: Michael Hudson
    The following IT Support Technician Supervisors manage the technicians that visit schools.
    IT Support Technician Supervisors
    Central: Jaime Marroquin -
    Central: Giancarlo Generoso -
    South: Edgar Lira-
    South: Jose Acevedo-
    East: Diane Moreno -
    East: Julia Rodriguez -
    East: Phong Do -
    West: Steven Evans -
    West: George Sanchez -
    West: Roy Smith -
    Northeast: Danny Valencia -
    Northeast: Wilber Pleitez -
    Northwest: Ivan Sidorenko -
    Northwest: Gregory Cross -
    Central Office and Chat Support: Dale O'Brien -