• Note: The guides below will be available for a limited time only. In Focus Reporting & Dashboards, all job aids are available in the application. The guides below describe the Classic View, which will be decommissioned soon. To find guides and job aids in Focus, see this job aid.  


    All Dashboards


    Quick Start Guide for Dashboards download


    Launch Pad


    Launch Pad Dashboard Job Aid download


    English Learner Dashboard


    Direct Link to English Learner Dashboard download
    English Learner Dashboard Job Aid download
    Elementary EL Profiles Dashboard Job Aid download
    Secondary EL Profiles Dashboard Job Aid download


    Norm Enrollment and Staffing Dashboards


    Direct Link to Norm Enrollment and Staffing Dashboards download
    Quick Start Guide to Norm Enrollment and Staffing Dashboards for School Users


    Graduation Progress Dashboard


    Direct Link to Graduation Progress Dashboard download
    Graduation Progress Dashboard Job Aid


    Meal Eligibility (More than a Meal) Dashboard


    Direct Link to More than a Mean Dashboard download
    Local District Users Job Aid download
    Pricing Schools Job Aid download
    Provision 2/CEP Schools Job Aid download