Local District West Social Media Support

  • My goal is to help each school put forth the best possible online reputation in order to appeal to their greater community and strengthen their existing community.
    I meet with individual schools to help put together a social media plan that fits the capacity of each school site. I oversee all social media accounts I create and gain access to. I also offer photographic support, and consult in the creation, editing and redesigning of new current websites and help faculty create an online presence. 
    In addition to individual meetings, I also have a Prezi presentation that breaks down social media and its use for school promotion for administrators, faculty and staff with tips on educating students about social media. I also give professional development to teachers for School Loop.
     Please don't hesitate to contact me at justin.frank@lausd.net or (310) 650-3572 to book a meeting, professional development or any questions.
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  • Have a School Loop Website?

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    School Loop has just rolled out a new version of its software. School Loop 2 will make your site much more modern looking and aesthetically pleasing. There is a December 31, 2018 deadline to convert and publish your site, so if you are interested in converting your site, please let me know. It's a fairly simple process and will not change any of the mechanics of your site (except the homepage) and School Loop 2 does not affect any teacher's training, as that portion of software has gone unchanged. 

  • Want to Get Your School Started on Social Media?


    Click here to access the LD West Social Media Guide to get you started!
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