Local District West Social Media Support

  • Our goal is to help each school put forth the best possible online reputation in order to appeal to their greater community and strengthen their existing community.
    We meet with individual schools to help put together a social media plan that fits the capacity of each school site. We oversee all social media accounts and create and gain access to them. We also offer photographic support, and consult in the creation, editing and redesigning of new current websites and help faculty create an online presence. 
    In addition to individual meetings, We also have Prezi presentations for administrators and staff, students and parents we can present to educate your entire community on social media and online safety (preview the presentations below).
    For Administrators and staff: Your School and Social Media.
     We also give professional development to teachers for School Loop.
     Please don't hesitate to contact Mayra Arriaga at mayra.arriaga@lausd.net to book a meeting, professional development or any questions.
  • LD West on Social Media

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  • Have or Want a School Loop Website? THEY ARE FREE TO THE SCHOOL SITE!

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    School Loop has a contract with LAUSD and is a website provider that offers websites that are no cost to the school site. If you already have a School Loop site and need with support with editing, please let me know. We can also assist you in getting a School Loop site if your school doesn't already have one.

    We also offer a PD for teachers to train them on creating their own course pages on School Loop.

  • Want to Get Your School Started on Social Media?


    Click here to access the LD West Social Media Guide to get you started!
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