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  • 3 Strategies to Foster Sociability
    This article reiterates the importance of developing social awareness in students and identifies strategies for fostering this skill in the classroom. Prior to reading the article, ask yourself what, if anything, you do to promote sociability among students in your own classroom. 
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    Teaching Diversity: A Place to Begin
    Building positive identities and a respect for differences means weaving diversity into the fabric of children's everyday lives. This article addresses the importance of working with families as a first step in helping children accept, understand, and value their rich and varied world.
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  • 101 Ways to Teach Children Social Skills
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  • Introduction to Social Awareness Introduction to Social Awareness TE
    This handout defines social awareness and explains both the academic and non-academic benefits of possessing a strong social awareness. Prior to reading the handout, consider how you would define social awareness. What are the advantages to having a strong sense of social awareness?
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    Power of Engagement The Power of Engagement – Teddy Stoddard and Mrs. Thompson
    This handout portrays a fictional interaction between a classroom teacher and one of her students. As you read the handout, think about a time when you made an assumption about a student based on his/her physical appearance and/or an assumption about a student’s parent(s) based on what you perceived to be their lack of participation in their child’s education that later proved to be false.
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