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  • The Caring Teacher's Guide to Discipline      
    Effective discipline goes hand in hand with both proficient teaching and a caring classroom community. This third edition of Marilyn E. Gootman's bestseller shows novice and veteran teachers how to guide student behavior by developing positive, supportive relationships.
    Gootman's approach to discipline focuses on two essentials: teaching students the skills of appropriate behavior and showing them how to avoid inappropriate behavior. Featuring summaries of key points at the end of each chapter, this revised edition offers a new chapter on establishing a caring classroom community, guidelines on how to handle cyberbullying, and an updated and expanded resource list featuring literature and programs on classroom discipline. 
    The Power of Words      
    Learn how teachers can use language—words, tone, and pace—to increase student engagement, build a positive classroom community, and more effectively manage behavior by helping children develop confidence, competence, and self-control.  In this warm and thought-provoking guide, Paula Denton offers practical tips, real-life anecdotes, and concrete examples, including specific suggestions about language to adopt and language to avoid.
    The Classroom of Choice    
    This book describes  a new classroom management model that aligns itself with what truly motivates human behavior. It's about providing students with what they truly need so that teachers can get more of what they want. The result of implementing this model will both reduce the challenging behaviors that result from student frustration and increase the quality of student learning and performance.



  •  Self-Management-Handout   

    This Self-Management Handout by Transforming Education  provides a summary of the types of Self-Management strategies as well as examples of specific Self-Management strategies and techniques.  Appropriate for grades K-12. 

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    This diagram provides a definition for the four CORE Social Emotional Learning Competencies.

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  • Description for Mindfulness:

    Research suggests that Mindfulness practice is an effective method to teach students Self-Management skills.

    Inner Explorer, Mindfulness training for grades k-12

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