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    Promoting Growth Mindset Means Checking Biases At The Door, Experts Say Educators Must Confront Personal Biases Before They Can Address Students' Mindsets
    "Educators must confront personal biases before they can address students' mindsets".
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      A Growth Mindset Could Buffer Kids From Negative Academic Effects Of Poverty
    Stanford psychologist Carol Dweck, along with other education researchers interested in growth mindset, have done numerous studies showing that when students believe their intelligence can grow and change with effort, they perform better on academic tests.
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    Growth Mindset: Clearing Up Some Common Confusions
    "A growth mindset is the understanding that personal qualities and abilities can change."
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    New Research: Students Benefit From Learning That Intelligence Is Not Fixed 
    "Teaching students that intelligence can grow and blossom with effort – rather than being a fixed trait they’re just born with – is gaining traction in progressive education circles."
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    Helping Kids Take Criticism Constructively (Even When It Isn’t Constructive) 
    Basalt Middle School is an award-winning middle school that has been recognized as a national School to Watch since 2012.
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