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Wishlist-type Grant Opportunities

  • Adopt-A-Classroom - allows teachers to register and describe their classroom which then appears on a digital database for donors to select.  Teachers receive a credit that they can then use to shop online from selected vendors (who then re-donate a portion of their sales).  

    Digital Wish - allows you to create a wish list or a fundraiser for your school or classroom.  Donors can donate directly to the classroom or put money toward specific items for the classroom.  

    Donors Choose - teachers put a classroom project idea in a searchable database and donors select a project to support.  Once the required funding is reached, DonorsChoose sends you the classroom materials. 

    Classwish - Teachers create a wish list of materials they need, and visitors to the site can make donations toward these needs. 

STEM and Science Related Grants and Awards

  • National Science Teachers Association - dig through their calendar to find grants with upcoming deadlines - there are lots of possibilities here!  You can find many lesser known science grants through this resource. 

    Pitsco - a great STEM supply company also provides lists of grants each month (at bottom) and some grant tips. 

    Verizon Foundation Grants - awards grants of $5,000 to $10,000 dollars with the next grant cycle beginning Jan 1.  They are particularly interested in high visibility projects that help integrate technology into your classroom/school. 

    NEA Student Achievement Grants - awards grants of $2,000 or $5,000 for improving critical thinking and problem solving of students.  The grants are meant to fund in-school student support with priority given to new teachers (<7 years) doing work resulting in low-income and minority student success with honors, advanced placement, or other challenging curricula.

    LEGO Children's Fund Grants - awards grants typically between $500 and $5,000, particularly in the areas of early childhood education and creativity, technology, and communication programs.  Applications are accepted quarterly.  See some examples of awarded grants.  LEGO also provides funding for workshops to show what you're already doing with LEGOs or hosting LEGO showcase events for families. 

    Vernier/NSTA Technology Award - awards of $5,500 for innovative uses of data-collections technology using a computer, graphing calculator, or other handheld in the science classroom (for projects you're already doing).  The awards include travel and expenses to the national NSTA conference, $1,000 for the teacher and $3,000 in Vernier products.  Apply by Nov 30 (annual program). 

    Toyota Tapestry Grants - awards grants of up to $10,000 to support community-based science projects.  You can get ideas from last year's winners.  The deadline for this annual grant competition is the beginning of March.