Resources at your fingertips:

Monday morning. Tips for faciliating caring, courageous and restorative conversations with students.

• Teaching about Racism, Violence, Inequality and the Criminal Justice System - An ADL collection of
   resources on Bias, Race and Injustice.

 • Anti-Racism for Kids 101: Starting to Talk About Race - books for courageous conversations

• Psychological First Aid - Daily strategies to ensure children are heard and feel protected during these
   uncertain times. 

• Helping Youth after Community Trauma: Tips for Educators - natural disasters, school violence, and can affect students’ learning, behavior, and relationships.

• Community Violence: Reactions and Actions in Dangerous Times - help youth keep themselves safe
   and make positive choices in dangerous times.

A self-care toolkit for people of color

• Affirming Black Lives Without Inducing Trauma - Educators have a responsibility to engage with students about this violence against Black men—and the white supremacist systems that allow it to continue. But must do so without re-traumatizing Black students and with extra care for their mental health. These resources from Teaching Tolerance can help.

Using Photographs to Teach Social Justice. Teaching Tolerance's 12 lessons on social justice issues. 

For White Allies in Search of a Solution to American Racism When Folks of Color are Exhausted - This Teaching Tolerance encourages white allies to step up. 

Death of George Floyd sets off massive protests - 5-minute PBS video with discussion questions 

Race in US History - Facing History has a robust library of resources addressing race. 

Expanded Reources:

• Talking Race With Young Children - 20-minute NPR episode on breaking down, not shutting down, conversations about race, racism, diversity and inclusion, even with very young children. 

• Having 'The Talk': Expert Guidance on Preparing Kids for Police Interactions - An hour-long conversation between a child psychiatrist, a former public defender and a police officer giving advice on how and when to have "the talk." While the risk of a police interaction going wrong is higher for black children, it's information that all kids could benefit from knowing.

• Beyond the Hashtag: How to Take Anti-Racist Action in Your Life, TeenVogue 

• AntiRacism Resources - books for parents

• New York Times Anti-Racist Reading List 

• Addressing Race and Trauma in the Classroom: A Resource for Educators - A comprehensive guide by NCTSN for teachers on historical trauma, its manfiestations among students of all ages, and recommendations for educators. 

• Talking to White Kids About Race & Racism - Silence perpetuates racism—but it can be hard to know how
   to start. This hour-long program is about talking to white kids of all ages about race and racism.

Your Kids Aren't Too Young to Talk About Race: Resource Roundup - podcasts, booklists, and toys to
   talk to young children about race.

• Black Lives Matter at School - lessons and reading lists about intersectional Black identities and the contributions to history 

• Let’s Raise a Generation of Children Who Are Thoughtful, Informed, and Brave About Race. - clearinghouse for articles and resources about identities and current issues. 


Long-term Planning:

• Skills for Psychological Recovery - an educational skills building intervention



What we can’t control might frightens us. Anxiety and suspicion rose as the Coronavirus pandemic spread. Crises cause us to evaluate our humanity and our vulnerabilities. The resources offered here are for teachers, parents and students to support ourselves and each other during this time.




"What truly makes our country great is its diversity. I've seen that beauty in so many ways over the years. Whether we are born here or seek refuge here, there's a place for us all. We must remember it's not my America or your America. It's our America." Michelle Obama, 2019

In times of conflict, divisive rhetoric, and information overload, students benefit from opportunities for meaningful dialogue about the issues that we are facing today. Let’s Talk has articles and lesson plans on crises and conflicts, politics and government.


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  • Bullying! We Stand Together

  • We Are One - Standing With Immigrant Families Campaign

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