• K-12 Instructional Programs


    No two students are the same. Each student and each student’s abilities are different. The purpose of the Special Education Service Center-Instruction is to assist special education teachers and District staff in working collaboratively with students and families to develop and implement the Individualized Education Program that is tailored to students’ individualized needs. Although it was once believed that students with disabilities should be taught together in separate settings apart from other children, we now know that all students benefit when all students are educated together in integrated classrooms and schools.


    Core Curriculum Instructional Programs (Mild/Moderate)

    The TK-12 Instruction Snapshot archive and Common Core State Standards (K-12 general education curriculum).


    Moderate/Severe Instructional Programs

    These programs include alternate curriculum, integration, and Autism program support and provide students with significant cognitive disabilities opportunities to learn and be prepared for meaningful living and/or employment.


    Positive Behavior Support

    Families of students with disabilities may face behavioral issues and challenges that come up in school. A team approach of school staff working with families and students is the best approach to academic success.


    Transition Services (DOTS)

    The transition process prepares students for adult life by focusing on the areas of post-secondary education, employment, community participation, and independent living skills.