Beginning 2016-17, new textbooks were implemented in the middle school (grades 6 - 8) core English Language Arts (ELA) courses and English Language Development (ELD) 3 and 4. In 2017-18, new textbooks are being implemented in the high school (grades 9 - 11) core English Language Arts courses (ELA). All these textbook programs are aligned to the California ELA/ELD Framework, the California ELA Content Standards, and the California English Language Development Standards. The following four textbook programs were selected by the LAUSD Teacher Selection Committee for core ELA course and high school literature electives (grade 12):
    • StudySync - McGraw-Hill
    • Collections - HMH
    • SpringBoard - CollegeBoard 
    • myPerspectives - Pearson (high school only)
    Each textbook program includes a digital platform. Print textbooks and digital licenses were issued to all middle school students and all teachers who teach the following middle school courses: ENG 6, 7, and 8; ELD 3 and 4; high school courses, ENG 9, ENG 10, American Literature and Composition, and Contemporary Composition. Please see below for the teacher and student digital access instructions, including the Help Desk information for each publisher. For information regarding the composition and AP courses, please click on the following links, High School Composition Courses or AP English Courses.
    Secondary ELA educators are invited to join their selected textbook program's Schoology group. To learn more about this curriculum resource and networking opportunity, please visit the  Schoology Secondary Textbook Groups.