Beginning 2016-17, new textbooks are being used in the  middle school (grades 6 - 8) English Lanugage Arts (ELA) courses and English Language Development (ELD) 3 and 4. These new textbook programs are aligned to the California ELA/ELD Framework, the California ELA Content Standards, and the California English Language Development Standards. The following  three textbook programs were selected by the LAUSD Teacher Selection Committee:
    • StudySync - McGrawHill
    • Collections - HMH
    • SpringBoard - CollegeBoard 
    Each textbook program includes a digital platform. Print textbooks and digital licenses were issued to all middle school students and all teachers who teach the following courses: ENG 6, 7, and 8; ELD 3 and 4. Please see below for the teacher and student digital access instructions, including the Help Desk information for each publisher.