Virtual Implementation

  • Virtual Courses: Course offered online with the vendor providing the appropriately credentialed teacher. Virtual courses may be used for original credit or as an option for credit recovery. These courses are ideal for students needing a course that is not offered at their school site or are unable to include a specific class into their regular schedule (master schedule outliers). These courses are NCAA approved. Some online courses require materials to be purchased.

    Although virtual courses provide an online teacher with the appropriate subject credential, the school must identify a credentialed teacher (in any subject area) to serve as a mentor for students. The mentor is responsible for monitoring student progress in virtual courses and empowering student(s) with best practices in completing an online course. Schools should designate staff that is able to build a rapport with students and is able to continuously reflect with students on their progress and needs.

    • In virtual courses the mentor cannot assign supplemental assignments, the mentor is responsible for reporting the grade assigned by the online instructor as is.

    • Supervising Mentor: a “supervising mentor” must be designated to oversee a school’s virtual learning implementation to ensure fidelity to its implementation and serve as the point of contact for the school’s virtual learning program.

    • Special Education Accommodations for virtual courses – Mentors providing support for students in special education or students with 504 plans who intend to complete virtual courses must submit the Accommodation Plan Form to the online instructor during the enrollment process.

    • NCAA recognition: in order for a course to be recognized by NCAA it must be completed between 12-18 weeks. NCAA does not recognize prescriptive versions, NCAA students must use the core (original-credit) version even when completing a course for credit recovery purposes.

    • Online courses in MiSiS will be identified with the transcript abbreviation and vendor abbreviation followed by an “L.” For example, a virtual Edgenuity course would appear as: “EDGL”; a virtual APEX course would appear as “APXL”

    Prescriptive versions: When available, both virtual and blended models may offer a course in a prescriptive (mastery-based) version. These courses are the same as the core (original credit) version with a “test-out” feature. The prescriptive course option is only available for students as a credit recovery option. This model cannot be used to obtain original credit. Prescriptive courses are not NCAA approved regardless if offered in the virtual model. Any student that plans to pursue NCAA recognition should only complete the core (original credit) version of a virtual course.
  • APEX
  • APEX

APEX Virtual Course Enrollment Form (Single Student)

  • Please use the form below to request an Apex Learning VIRTUAL Course license for the 2017-2018 school year. This form is to be completed ONLY by the Supervising Mentor (usually a site administrator or student's counselor) that has been designated by the principal as the person responsible for the implementation of the virtual program at the school site. Complete this form for each student requesting a course AFTER you have purchased a license for the student.

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