APEX Blended Learning Implementation

  • Blended Learning Courses: Instruction is delivered by an LAUSD credentialed instructor and the digital content is provided by the online vendor. Blended learning courses may be used for original credit or as an option for credit recovery. Schools must provide the appropriate subject area LAUSD credentialed teacher to be the primary instructor throughout the courses in this model. The subject area credentialed teacher must be programmed into a period with the students. Blended learning courses are not NCAA approved, students planning to pursue NCAA recognition should not be assigned to any version of a blended course (only use virtual courses for NCAA students). Advanced Placement (AP) courses are not an option in the blended model. Some courses require materials to be purchased.

    ·       Site Coordinator: a “site coordinator” must be designated to oversee a school’s blended learning implementation to ensure fidelity to its implementation and serve as the point of contact for the school’s blended learning program.

    ·       A portfolio containing written assignments and the overview report must be maintained for auditing purposes. Schools are required to maintain student portfolios for any printed coursework completed for a minimum of 4 years. The content of the student portfolio may include: Print out of student progress (transcript), Essays, Graded Tests and sample assignments, Journals, Labs. etc.

    ·       Blended Learning Courses in MiSiS will be identified with the transcript abbreviation and the vendor abbreviation. For example, the core (original credit) version of an APEX course would appear as “APX”


    Prescriptive versions: When available,  a course may offer a prescriptive (mastery-based) version. These courses are the same as the core (original credit) version with a “test-out” feature. The prescriptive course option is only available for students as a credit recovery option. This model cannot be used to obtain original credit. Prescriptive courses are not NCAA approved regardless if offered in the virtual model. Any student that plans to pursue NCAA recognition should only complete the core (original credit) version of a virtual course.

    o   When scheduling students within the school day this delivery model should only be used as credit recovery option for students who are deficient in two or more “A-G” courses. Due to the “test-out” feature, the benefit of this model is that it would allow a student to complete multiple courses within a semester. Schools should explore alternative credit recovery options for students who are only deficient in one “A-G” course.

    Prescriptive (mastery-based) courses in MiSIS will be identified with the transcript abbreviation and the vendor abbreviation followed by a “P.” For example, a prescriptive APEX prescriptive course would appear as “APXP”



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