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    Hiring and Welcoming a New Employee




    • There are certain job classifications for which school sites can recruit directly. If the job classification is not on this list, the school will need to contact the Classified Employment Services Branch to receive names of candidates who are eligible to fill the vacancy.
    • In either case, whether the school recruits on their own or receives names of eligible candidates from a list, the school site administrator or his or her designee should interview the candidates to determine which one is the most qualified and the best fit for the position.
    • Once a decision is made, it is strongly recommended that reference checks be conducted. The objective of a reference check is to obtain information on the individual's work performance and on personal characteristics that affect (positively or negatively) the individual's suitability for the particular position sought. 
    • Based on the interview and the information gathered through reference checks, a final employment decision should be made.
    • If the position is one for which the school directly hires, the school should contact the candidate to make a tentative offer; otherwise the school should contact their Assignment Technician who will make a tentative offer. 
    • If the candidate accepts, a new-hire processing appointment needs to be set up. School sites will set up the appointment for positions for which they recruit while the Classified Employment Services Branch will set up the appointment for newly hired employees made from an eligibility list.
    • Welcoming and on-boarding a new employee is an important step in the hiring process.  It is the process through which new hires are integrated into their new work environment.  This includes introducing new employees to both the performance and the social aspects of the job. The on-boarding process can take up to a year of more, as managers acclimate new employees to their new job, their new co-workers, and their new responsibilities.

    Employee Performance Management (Performance Appraisal Process)




    • An effective Employee Performance Management model includes various steps such as establishing expectations and goals, guiding employees, and utilizing performance appraisals to measure job performance.

    • A performance evaluation should be completed once every year for all Classified employees.

    • New employees who are on probation, should be evaluated twice during their probationary period, and then once a year after that.

    • There is a new, fully automated version of the Classified Performance Evaluation Form for use by supervisors and administrators.  To assist you with navigating the new forms, we are pleased to provide job aids.   






    Staff Development and Training



    • Staff development and training for your Classified employees is a critical part of a successful “on-boarding” process. The Personnel Commission’s Organizational Excellence (OE) Branch offers a full range of staff development programs, including office procedures training; we encourage you to visit the OE website to see all that we offer. 
    • Employees are required to view mandated training each year. 
      - All LAUSD employees must view Child Abuse Awareness Training twice each year; new employees must view this training when they join the District.
      - All District supervisory personnel must view Workplace Harassment Prevention Training every other year; new supervisory employees must view this training within the first 6-months after joining the District.
    • Some job classifications require employees to attend or view training specific to their job prior to beginning their work assignment.
      - Individuals hired as Campus Aides who provide security service for more than 20 hours a week must FIRST complete a 24-hour training curriculum set forth by the State of California. 



    Important Forms and Other Resources

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    Filling A Substitute/Temporary Position
    • Temporary Application: Candidates applying to fill a sub, provisional, or relief position will need to complete a temporary application 
    • Classified Substitute Report: The Classified Substitute Unsatisfactory Report is used to report unacceptable behavior/performance of a classified substitute by the principal or section head to the Classified Employment Services Branch and to the employee 

    Hiring A New Employee/Promoting An Employee

    Employee Performance Management

    Bilingual Differential  

    • Request for Bilingual Differential: This form is used to request a salary differential authorized for regular employees if they are frequently required to (a) converse fluently in a non-English language or use sign language or (b) speak, interpret, and write a non-English language fluently or use sign language. 


    • Assignment Technician Look Up

    • General Call In Number for Smart Find Express  (866) 477-3233
    • SFE Help Desk for all classifications(213) 241-7808 OR (213) 241-3362