Records Retention

  • As the Records Management Program is implemented Records Retention Schedules for specific Divisions and Units will be developed and made available here. The District has also adopted the CASBO (California Association of School Business Officials) Records Retention Manual to provide guidance to those Divisions and Units that do not have a specific Records Retention Schedule published for their use.

CASBO Retention Database

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  • Contains
  • Starts With
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  • How to use the CASBO Retention Database

    You can search for records listed in the CASBO Records Retention Manual by Form Number or Title. You can also browse the CASBO Records Retention listing by Clicking the CASBO Retentions document listed in the Retention Schedules section on the right. 
    • Retention Code -  A unique identifier for the record type for use in managing retention in automated tracking systems.
    • Area of Responsibility - Generic functional group that the record belongs to. The same record can be in multiple Areas of Responsibility.
    • Form Number(s) - The Form Numbers (if any) that the record may be created with.
    • Title - The name of the record.
    • Classification - Whether the record is Class 1 Permanent, Class 2 Optional, or Class 3 Disposable 
    • Retention - The length of time the record must be kept after is has been created or finalized
      NOTE: records cannot be destroyed if they are subject to a legal hold or investigation regardless of their retention period