Daniel Steiner, Principal



Degrees and Certifications:

Daniel Steiner, Principal

Why did you apply to the APP program?

For the past couple of years I worked at the local district office and specialized in one area of compliance. I felt that the Aspiring Principal Program (APP) could help broaden my knowledge base by providing me with the most current and relevant district initiatives and policies to prepare me to become a principal.  Often times work as an administrator is narrow in scope. I saw the APP as a way for me to increase my grasp of areas I was less familiar. 

How did the APP program help you grow as a leader?

The class discussions, activities, and assignments helped me grow as a leader by giving me the opportunity to reflect on my practice and rate my effectiveness using the School Leadership Framework.  The thought provoking discussions and assignments of the APP assisted in solidifying my leadership style and provided me with the tools to identify my areas of strength and areas of growth.

What skills did you learn in the program that you have used as school leader?

The program sharpened my effective leadership skills by providing me with actual tools and materials that I use as a principal and a framework for leadership that help me reflect on my practice.  The program provided me with specific skills in working with district tools and systems to address real school issues and problems.  Program assignments led to real life uses. One of the great things about the program is that all the materials and assignments are still available on MyPLN and I continue to access the information to support my work. 

Why would you recommend this program to others aspiring to be school leaders?

I would recommend the APP for many reasons.  The program provides the latest information and introduces participants to systems used in our district.  Current district personnel presented to the class on a regular basis and shared their personal leadership style and advice. It is often said that no matter how much you prepare for that first principal position, you are never completely ready for what you will encounter.  However, the APP provided hands on experience directly relevant to the work of a principal. The program provides the opportunity to network with peers and district personnel that are critical for navigating our district and finding individuals to collaborate. I would recommend the program for the support you will receive from the APP staff. They are able to provide you with actionable feedback to improve your practice and prepare you for the next step in your career. In addition to being a support network during my participation in the program, the amazing APP staff has continued to assist me by providing resources and offering guidance and support in my new position as a principal at Taft High School.