Online Credit-bearing Courses: Models of implementation

    Online courses are offered in the instructional settings defined below:
    • "Virtual" Implementation (EDGL/APXL): Course offered online with the vendor providing the appropriately credentialed teacher. This is the only model approved for NCAA.
    • "Blended" Implementation (EDG/APX): Instruction is delivered by an LAUSD credentialed instructor and the digital content is provided by the online vendor. 

    • Prescriptive versions (EDGP/APXP): These courses are intended for credit recovery only. When available, both virtual and blended implementation models may offer a course in a prescriptive (mastery-based) version. These courses are the same as the core (original credit) version with a “test-out” feature.

Edgenuity Courses

    The following Edgenuity courses have been approved for the 2018-2019 school year.
    Course Title "A-G" Blended Learning (EDG)
    Blended Learning (EDGP) Prescriptive Virtual Learning* (EDGL) UC Honors
    AP Human Geography* A N/A N/A AP GEOG AB EDGL (379315/16) AP
    AP United States History* A N/A N/A AP USHI AB EDGL 379335/6 AP
    AP World History* A N/A N/A AP WLD HIST AB EDGL (379333/34) AP
    Principles of American Democracy A PRIN AM DEM EDG (379421) PRIN AM DEM EDGP (379719) PRIN AM DEM EDGL (379317)  
    US History and Geography A US HIST AB EDG (379407/08) US HIST AB EDGP (379715/16) US HIST AB EDGL (379307/08)  
    World History, Culture, and Geography A WLD HIST AB EDG (379405/06) WHG M AB EDGP (379713/14) WLD HIST AB EDGL (379327/28)  
    AP English Language and Composition* B N/A N/A AP ELAN AB EDGL (239313/14) AP
    AP English Literature and Composition* B N/A N/A AP ELIT AB EDGL 239315/16 AP
    British Literature B BRITISH LIT EDG 239437 BRITISH LIT EDGP 239739 BRITISH LIT EDGL 239333  
    English Languages Arts 9 B CC ENG 9AB EDG (239421/22) CC ENG 9AB EDGP (239711/12) CC ENG 9AB EDGL (239323/24)  
    English Language Arts 10 B CC ENG 10AB EDG (239425/26 CC ENG 10AB EDGP (239713/14) CC ENG 10AB EDGL (239325/26)  
    English Language Arts 11 B CC ENG 11AB EDG (239429/30) CC ENG 11AB EDGP (239715/16) CC ENG 11AB EDGL (239329/30)  
    Expository Reading and Writing (+) B ERW EDG 239409 ERW EDGP 239703 ERW EDGL 239303  
    Algebra I C CC ALG 1AB EDG (319407/08) CC ALG 1AB EDGP (319717/18) CC ALG 1AB EDGL (319309/10)  
    Algebra II C CC ALGEBRA 2AB EDG (319417/18) CC ALG 2AB EDGP (319719/20) CC ALG 2AB EDGL (319311/12)  
    Geometry C CC GEOM AB EDG (319415/16) CC GEOM AB EDGP (319721/22) CC GEOM AB EDGL (319313/14)  
    Pre-Calculus C CC PRECALC AB EDG 319419/20 CC PRECALC AB EDGP 319725/6 CC PRECALC AB EDGL (319319/20)  
    AP French Language and Culture* E N/A N/A AP FREN AB EDGL (259337/38) AP
    AP Spanish Language and Culture* E N/A N/A AP SPAN AB EDGL (259335/36) AP
    French I ** E FRENCH 1AB EDG (259401/02) N/A FRENCH 1AB EDGL (259301/02)  
    French II ** E FRENCH 2AB EDG (259403/04) N/A FRENCH 2AB EDGL (259303/04)  
    French III ** E FRENCH 3AB EDG 259409 N/A FRENCH 3AB EDGL (259305/06)  
    German I ** E N/A N/A GERMAN 1AB EDGL (259321/22)  
    German II ** E N/A N/A GERMAN 2AB EDGL (259323/24)  
    Latin I ** E N/A N/A LATIN 1AB EDGL
    Latin II ** E N/A N/A LATIN 2AB EDGL 259309/10  
    Spanish I ** E SPAN 1AB EDG (259405/06) N/A SPANISH 1AB EDGL (259331/32)  
    Spanish II ** E SPAN 2AB EDG (259407/08) N/A SPANISH 2AB EDGL (259333/34)  
    Spanish III ** E SPANISH 3AB EDG 259417/8 N/A SPANISH 3AB EDGL (259317/18)  
    Economics G   ECONOMICS EDGP (379703) ECONOMICS EDGL (379303)  
    AP Psychology* G N/A N/A AP PSYC AB EDGL (379345/46) AP
    Psychology G PSYCH AB EDG (379419/20) PSYCH AB EDGP (379721/22) PSYCH AB EDGL (379319/20)  
    Sociology G SOCIO EDG (379417) SOCIO A EDGP (379707) SOCIO EDGL (379321)  
    World Regional Geography G GEOG EDG
    GEOG EDGP (379717) GEOG EDGL (379311)  
    Health*** N/A HEALTH EDG


    • Blended learning courses are not NCAA approved. NCAA students should ONLY use Virtual courses.
    • Virtual courses (non-prescriptive version) have been approved for NCAA.
    • *AP courses require textbooks. School sites are responsible for securing any required materials/equipment.
    • **World Language courses require audio recordings to be submitted.  School sites are responsible for securing any required materials/equipment.
    • ***Heatlh course does not include required hands-on CPR component. Schools offering this course will have to build in instructional time to meet the CPR requirement per AB 1719. 
    • (+) Expository Reading & Writing: LAUSD's ERWC (from CSU) course is divided into ERWC A and ERWC B. The Edgenuity ERW course can be used for original credit for  Expository Composition only. It can be used for credit recovery for the following courses: Expository Composition, Advanced Composition, or ERWC A.  If students are using the Edgenuity course to replace ERWC A, they will not be eligible for EAP credit. They can only receive EAP credit if they take the face-to-face ERWC AB course.

UCOP Reminder

  • IMPORTANT REMINDER: As with any other “A-G” approved course, prior to enrolling a student in a course, schools must first ensure that the online course being offered appears on their UC “A-G” approved list which is located on the Course Management Portal. Please contact your local district's counseling coordinator if you have any questions about course management.