Records Management Resources

  • LAUSD is developing a Records Management Program to help the district better manage its records. The benefits of the program include:

    • Reduced costs and increased efficiency through the elimination of redundant, obsolete, and trivial information
    • Preservation of information that provides public oversight and documents the history of the District
    • Improved compliance with the District's record-keeping obligations for retention, access, and disposal
    • Protection of sensitive non-public information from improper disclosure
    As the program rolls out through the district tools and job aides will be created and shared here to help you manage the districts records. In the meantime please check back at this website for updates, and contact the Records Management program direct to help with any immediate records management need.


  • Records Manager
    Christian Meinke, CRM   
    (213) 241-8310
    (213) 393-8617 (cell) 
    Records Warehouse
    (818) 610-5698  
    Record Champions: