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    School Loop School Website Conversion:  Effective June 14, 2019, School Loop, the District’s school website host, will begin decommissioning version 1 (SLS1) of its platform to upgrade to version 2 (SLS2).


    With this upgrade, school websites may take advantage of the following new features:

    • Responsive design to enable users to better view school websites on their mobile devices, i.e., smartphones and tablets
    • New and easy-to-use design tools
    • Better controls and rights management
    • Enhanced ADA Accessibility (WCAG 2.0-508 Compliance)


    Below are steps that your school’s website administrator needs to take to convert & publish your school’s website to School Loop version 2.


    School Loop Conversion and Publish Procedures:

    Step 1.    Convert your school’s website using School Loop Snap Templates.  Please follow the SLS2 Manual Conversion Guide available on the other side of this link:  https://helpcenter.schoolloop.com/hc/en-us/articles/360016043814-Snap-Templates-SLS2-Manual-Conversion


    Step 2.    Publish your updated School Loop website by following the step-by-step guide available on the other side of this link:  https://helpcenter.schoolloop.com/hc/en-us/articles/360016146173-Publishing-School-Loop-Website


    The School Loop Guides should provide you with the information and tools to both convert and publish your school’s website to version 2.  If you need assistance beyond these resources, please contact the ITD Help Desk.  Contact options are available at https://achieve.lausd.net/helpdesk.

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