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    Polytechnic H.S. and Principal Ari Bennett

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    Van Nuys Automotive crosses finish line
    Van Nuys Auto2
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    Strathern Elementary School
    Ms. Saldivar, at Ranchito Elementary featured in MMED Instructional Video
    Social Justice Humanitas Academy part of Cesar E. Chavez 
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    SJHA First Ever AP Calculus Class Celebrates a 77% Pass Rate
    Mr. Moore knew that his students, the first ever to take on AP Calculus at the Social Justice Humanitas Academy in San Fernando, would need to work overtime to prepare for the daunting, rigorous AP exam. He also knew that if he addressed his students’ hearts, their heads would follow. And so, he and his students met before school and after school, eating homemade snacks prepared by Mr. Moore himself, working together to persist though problems and grasp new concepts.  He and his AP Calculus students became a family, working diligently, learning from their mistakes, and making sacrifices.
    In the end, the students’ commitment and effort paid off. This first year AP Calculus pass rate was a whopping 77%. When compared to the national pass rate of 60%, this achievement is quite impressive.  There is another key data point, however, that is more impressive and important to Mr. Moore as a mathematician and educator. Nationally, the pass rate in AP Calculus for Latino students is 40%. This gap between Latino students and the general population represents the opportunity gap and prevents students of color from achieving the same levels of success in math as their peers. That Mr. Moore’s class, which is one hundred percent Latino, far surpassed the pass rate for all groups, proves what he knows to be true—that students of color are, when given the opportunity, support, and  are surrounded by a caring community of educators, capable, competent, and brilliant in mathematics.
    Mr. Moore is working on expanding resources for his AP Calculus students through grants and organizations like Donors Choose.  
    Haddon STEAM Academy
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    Chaves Learning Academy-ArTES
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    Canterbury Elementary School 
    LDNE Logo Contest Winner - Van Nuys Highschool
    logo contest winner
    Van Nuys High School

    Coldwater Canyon Elemenatry

    Coldwater Canyon
  • Millikan goes to National Education Convention
  • LDNE Celebrates STEM Fest
    LDNE Celebrates STEM Fest
  • Van Nuys HS creates Musical
    Van Nuys and Music
    Welcome to Kittridge Elementary Career Day
    Kittridge 2017
  • Welcome to Sara Coughlin Elementary
  •   North Hollywood High Goes National
    North Hollywood go National
    North Hollywood and Moot Court
    North Hollywood and Moot
    Van Nuys High wins UTI Top Tech Challenge
    Van Nuys High Auto
    Education Summit
    Education Summit
    Board Member 6
    Education for Armenian Genocide
      North Hollywood High
    Science Bowl Title
    Arleta High School
    Arleta HS.PNG
    Van Nuys H.S. Choral 
    Van Nuys Choral
     Sylmar Neighborhood Council
    Sylmar Neighborhood Council
     Van Nuys Academic Decathlon
    Van Nuys takes home Academic Decathlon
  •  San Fernando High School "Cupcake Wars"
    San Fernando High
     Annual Art's and Lit Fest
    Art and Lit fest
    JPL/NASA Polytechnic H.S. Women in STEM

    Women in Stem

  • Olive Vista Middle School
    Olive Vista
      Millikan Middle School
        North Hollywood 
    NH-Science Bowl
       Sun Valley High Literacy Garden
    Sun Valley High Literacy Garden

Francis Polytechnic Senior High School

Chavez: Social Justice Humanitas Acadamy

LA Challenge

  • Women in Stem Video