• Strategic Plan 

    strategic plan
    The Strategic Plan represents our commitment to 100% graduation. Through excellence, high expectations and continuous learning we will reach our goal. The plan also outlines our fundamental strategy, the essential elements of effective learning environments, our objectives and key initiatives.
    The plan is intended to cultivate common understanding and coherence, and to empower all stakeholders to take action toward creating a district of graduates. It provides the prioritized framework from which L.A. Unified will work. 

    Plan Development

    The Office of the Superintendent will launch a community engagement plan for Superintendent King to listen and learn with students, parents and guardians, school teachers, administrators and staff, philanthropic, elected, and civic leaders, in partnership with the L.A. Compact. The community engagement plan will launch as the Listen & Learn Tour for the Office of the Superintendent.

    In 2008, leaders from L.A.’s education, business, government, labor and non-profit sectors joined together to launch the L.A. Compact out of a shared belief that no single program or organization could singlehandedly solve the complex, large-scale education and workforce readiness problems facing our region. This vision is aligned to the Superintendent’s belief that the path moving forward for L.A. Unified must uplift the voice of stakeholders as we build a coherent plan that builds capacity at every level of the organization.

    The Listen & Learn Tour will serve the purpose of welcoming the new Superintendent and cultivating a series of private and public community/civic engagement opportunities in the first 6-9 months. The first phase of the plan will welcome opportunities to engage stakeholders in conversations that advise the development of the LAUSD Strategic Plan: Believe. Achieve. L.A. Unified.

    Below are highlights from the District's efforts to develop a community engagement plan.

    Believe. Achieve. L.A. Unified: Local District Offices

    Integrating the expertise and perspective of each Local District Office serves the purpose of articulating how we build the capacity at the school sites, particularly our administrators, teachers, staff, parents and students. Each Local District Office will convene in a reflective exercise that informs the development of strategies in the LAUSD strategic plan.

    Strategic Plan Retreat: Believe. Achieve. L.A Unified

    The Strategic Plan Retreat: Believe. Achieve. L.A. Unified will convene at California State University, Los Angeles where District-wide stakeholders will participate in a day of conversation that contribute directly to the LAUSD strategic plan development. 170 District stakeholders, including students, teachers, principals, parents and guardians, civic and community partners will discuss language for the strategic plan mission, vision, and core beliefs. The outcome of the day will result with a report of findings for the core team designated to draft the LAUSD strategic plan. The report will serve as pre-reading for multiple strategic planning meetings with District stakeholders. 

    Listen & Learn Tour: Student Representative Meetings 

    In partnership with the PCSSB, the L.A. Compact and community partners, the Superintendent’s Office will convene students to listen and learn how we may support our students as they prepare to read, write, learn foundational math skills and prepare for college and career pathways. The initial round of student representative forums will focus on the L.A. Unified strategic plan.

    Listen & Learn Tour: School Forums by Families of Schools 

    The Superintendent’s Office and the L.A. Compact will convene a Civic Engagement Committee to support school forums by families of schools for parents/guardians, high school students and community partners as part of the Superintendent’s Listen & Learn Tour. The initial round of forums will capture student, parent, guardian and community input for the L.A. Unified strategic plan. The forums will initiate across numerous K-12 families of schools, adult education centers, and alternative high school options sites. The conversations will assess topics of interest to the diverse communities we serve in addition to listen and learn about what may be the needs of feeder patterns in L.A. Unified. We hope to bring together communities and communicate that we all play a valuable role to build quality school choices in every neighborhood.

    Listen & Learn Tour: Administrator & Teacher Round-tables

    The Superintendent’s Office will convene roundtables with teachers and administrators. The roundtables will inquire about coherence, structures and systems to support the whole scholar. The initial round of administrators and teacher forums will focus on the L.A. Unified strategic plan.

    Community, Philanthropic, Business, Elected, and Civic Leader Engagement 

    The Superintendent’s Office and the L.A. Compact will convene round-tables and receptions with community, philanthropic, business, elected, and civic stakeholders to develop a shared agenda for cradle-to-career student success and strengthen school-community ties. For example, round-tables will include conversations with community stakeholders from early childhood and postsecondary education that can support our students in successful transitions. The Superintendent’s Office will also engage stakeholders in coordinating advocacy at local, state, and federal levels on priority issues affecting the district and its students. The end goal is to develop strong collaborative relationships so that community and civic leaders are engaged as valued partners in building the capacity of LAUSD’s teachers, administrators, staff, parents, and schools. 

    Believe. Achieve. L.A. Unified: Parent Center Training 

    The Superintendent’s Office will present before the Local District Parent Center Director Meetings to ask school leaders to consider hosting their own parent meetings that support Believe. Achieve. L.A. Unified. A lesson plan and booklet for school site parent workshops will be given to school sites in addition to a survey link where conversation findings may be documented. The lesson plan will also encourage school sites to post responses through social media sites. The findings captured will be utilized in the development of the LAUSD strategic plan.