• Extended School Year (ESY) 2018

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    California Code of Regulations, Title 5, Section 3043(d) states: “ESY services shall be provided, in accordance with 34 C.F.R. section 300.106, for each individual with exceptional needs who has unique needs and requires special education and related services in excess of the regular academic year. Such individuals shall have disabilities which are likely to continue indefinitely or for a prolonged period, and interruption of the pupil's educational programming may cause regression, when coupled with limited recoupment capacity, rendering it impossible or unlikely that the pupil will attain the level of self-sufficiency and independence that would otherwise be expected in view of his or her disabling condition.”


    Special Education Service Center-Operations works collaboratively with many divisions within our District in order to make ESY possible and to ensure that students have access to the instructional programs outlined on their Individualized Education Programs. Planning for ESY begins many months prior to the actual starting date.
    Some of our Collaborators are:


~~THIS PAGE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION ~~ 2018 ESY Elementary Sites and Programs (as of 1/__/18)

~~THIS PAGE IS UNDER CONSTUCTION ~~2018 ESY Secondary Sites and Programs (as of 1/__/18)

~~ THIS PAGE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION ~~ 2018 ESY Special Education Centers/Schools Programs (as of 1/__/18)

~~ THIS PAGE IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION ~~ 2018 ESY Itinerant Programs Listed by Location Code (as of 1/__/18)