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    Contact: Tiffany Melgar, Literacy Coordinator 
    Interim Assessment Options
    UPDATED! This NEW 2017-2018 memo highlights the assessments that needs to be given as well as the suggested blocks for the IABs (Interim Assessment Blocks). 


    State and National Mandated Testing Calendars
    The purpose of this Reference Guide is to provide the State and National testing calendars for the 2017-18 school year. 
    Professional Development Priorities and Banked Time
    The purpose of this memorandum is to provide schools with the banked-time Tuesday dates and information to provide alignment with school-based professional development content and time with district priorities. 
    New ELA/ELD Textbook Selection
    Based on the District textbook selection committee’s deliberations, Benchmark Advance has been selected as the basic ELA/ELD textbook program for grades TK/K-5/6 for all schools. The Benchmark Adelante Spanish version program has been selected for schools with Spanish Dual Language/Bilingual programs.


    Choice Option for Autonomous Schools
    Autonomous schools may include Affliated Charters, Pilot Schools, Local Initiative Schools (LIS), Expanded School-Based Management Model (ESBMM) Schools, or Lead Partner Schools, such as Partnership for Los Angeles or L.A.’s Promise Schools. Autonomous schools, historically may have had flexibilites regarding the selection of curriculum and instructional materials. Specific autonomies are determined by each school’s agreement with the District, including but not limited to an approved charter petition, memorandum of understanding (MOU), and/or educational plan. Autonomous forms needed for said school linked below.

    Attachment C: Form 700




    DIBELS Reference Guide

    This is the new reference guide for DIBELS Next and TRC. New to 2016-2017, Transitional Kindergarten students DO NOT have to be administered DIBELS. 
    4th and 5th Grade Integrated Units
    This is the memo with links on how to access the materials as well as who has to take it.  New to 2016-2017, the integrated units are a part of your OPTIONAL portfolios this year. You DO NOT  have to administer the integrated units assessments.