PLLD - A Message from Marco A. Nava, Administrator

  • Marco A. NavaWelcome to Professional Learning and Leadership Development (PLLD), a branch within the Office of the Associate Superintendent of Leadership and Partnerships. Our vision is to create a high-quality system of support and development to empower LAUSD teachers, school administrators, and district leaders to ensure there is an effective teacher in every classroom, in a school led by an effective leader, all working collaboratively to graduate students ready for college and career.

    By utilizing and leveraging existing re¬sources, PLLD is committed to investing in the development of LAUSD’s human capital by supporting its teachers and leaders through an array of differentiated learning opportunities. The traditional preparation approach of “teach and release” is being challenged. To truly create the transformational teachers and leaders needed by today’s diverse school communities, high-quality professional development must be at the heart of their preparation. To meet those needs, the programs delivered by PLLD are grounded in the District’s Teaching and Learning Framework and School Leadership Framework. The following describes PLLD’s program areas:

    • Design and delivery of leadership development programs for aspiring, new, and experienced leaders;
    • Coaching support for new school-site and non-school site administrators;
    • Clear administrative services credential attainment through the Los Angeles Administrative Services Credential (LAASC);
    • Development of evaluation and support systems for school leaders (EDSSL) teachers (EDST), and non-classroom Teachers (EDSNCT); and
    • Online and virtual learning opportunities through the My Professional Learning Network (MyPLN)

    For more information about PLLD’s programs, please visit the rest of our website or click here for a quick overview. If you have additional questions, contact PLLD at (213) 241-3444 or send an email to

    Marco A. Nava  
    Marco A. Nava, Ed.D.
    Professional Learning and Leadership Development