• Why Do You Love LAUSD?

    Posted by HR Division on 2/16/2016

    The I LAUSD campaign celebrates the love and optimism that is LAUSD. These I  LAUSD buttons express the joy derived from our outstanding employees whose dedication and collaborative work provide all District students with an excellent opportunity to achieve.


    The button draws attention to and celebrates the "US" in LAUSD


    If you are interested in ordering I LAUSD buttons, please click here


    All profits from the sale of the buttons will be donated to the Charitable Campaign.


    Here are some reasons why we LAUSD:        

             Top 10


    1. Home of Cedrick Argueta who earned a perfect score on the AP Calculus exam.
    2. Home of NBC Teacher Daniel Jocz, California Teacher of the Year and finalist for National Teacher of the Year.
    3. The greatest number of newly certified NBCT for three years in a row!
    4. Many home grown success stories, like Superintendent Michelle King.
    5. Home of the Narbonne Gauchos- State Football Champs!
    6. Home of Jefferson High – recipient of $80,000 donation for musical instruments.
    7. More winners of the United States Academic Decathlon Championships (15!), than any other District in this country.
    8. Top teacher retention rates of all urban schools in the Nation according to the Council of Great City Schools.
    9. Home of the Step-Up Program which supports the entry of paraprofessionals into the teacher preparation program.
    10. Our multi-cultural and diverse educational staff and community. 


    WHY DO YOU LOVE LAUSD? Please tell us in the comments below!


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