STEP UP and Teach Tuition and Textbook Reimbursement

  • STEP UP and Teach members qualify for partial tuition and textbook reimbursement for courses in which they receive a grade of B or better, while maintaining a GPA of 3.00.  All coursework must be completed at an accredited college or university and must be required for completion of a baccalaureate degree or credential/license.  Tuition and textbook reimbursements are based on the type of college/university program enrolled as follows:

    Table 2: Tuition Reimbursement Amounts (Revised July 18, 2017)

    Type of enrollment

    Per Semester Unit

    Maximum Per Year

    Community college



    4-year college or university






    Requests for tuition and textbook reimbursements must be made by submitting the appropriate tuition and/or textbook reimbursement request form along with all required documentation by the submission deadline in the table below. 

    The following documents must be submitted with the completed form, HR4300 - STEP UP and Teach Tuition and Textbook Reimbursement Request Form, within 3 months of completion of the course:
    a.  For tuition reimbursement, proof of grades, GPA and financial statement
    b.  For textbook stipend, proof of textbook requirement and reciept for payment (not a shipping statement)
    Tuition Reimbursement Requirements
    1. Be a current STEP UP and Teach member in good standing according to the STEP UP and Teach Agreement Form.
    2. Eligible units must be coursework that lead to a baccalaureate degree and/or preliminary credential and are passed with a grade of B or better.  Any courses that do not fall within this criteria will not be reimbursed regardless of the grade received.
    3. Proof of payment or financial statement.
    4. District reimbursements can only be requested from one program for the same coursework.
    5. Commit to meeting the annual requirements of the program, completing the designated preliminary credential within the timeline determined on the Individualized Education Specialist Pathway (IESP) and work as a full-time certificated employee with LAUSD for a minimum of two full academic years, or will repay the District for all financial support received throughout the program.
    6. A STEP UP and Teach member who does not fulfill the commitments of the program is required to repay all funds within one year of leaving the program or terminating employment with LAUSD.
    Tuition and Textbook Reimbursement Requests may be uploaded to