• University of California Curriculum Integration (UCCI) Courses

  • A - History/Social Science

    Journey for Justice in America (UCCI) AB *
    US History and Public Health (UCCI) AB *
    World History by Design (UCCI) AB *

    B - English 

    Applied Medical English (UCCI) * 
    Communication by Design (UCCI) *

    C - Mathematics

    Algebra 2 for the 21st Century (UCCI) *
    Business Algebra (UCCI) *
    Business Algebra II (UCCI) *
    Business Statistics-Math (UCCI) *

    D - Laboratory Science

    Biological Links to Energy and Environment (UCCI) *
    Green Up and Go! Clean Energy-neering (UCCI) *

    E - Language Other Than English

    Native Speaker Spanish 3 for Health Careers (UCCI) *
    Spanish 4 for Patient Care (UCCI) *
    Spanish for the Entrepreneurial Mind (UCCI)

    F - Visual and Performing Arts

    No Courses Currently Offered

    G - College Preparatory Electives

    No Courses Currently Offered
    * CTE Courses