• Unified Digital Instructional Procurement Plan
    The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) has established a Unified Digital Instructional Procurement Plan (UDIPP). This Plan ensures companies offering various digital instructional software, licenses, or online subscriptions meet District requirements. The UDIPP contains four (4) sections: Educational; Information Security and Single Sign-On (SSO); Student Data
 Privacy; and Learning Management System. All instructional applications requiring the use of student data (including data used for signing into the application) and individual logins by students and staff, must have an approved UDIPP on file with the District in order to be used in LAUSD schools and classrooms.
    Vendors are expected to adhere to the policies of the District’s Contractor Code of Conduct regarding doing business with the District. These policies can be found at the link below. UDIPP applications found to contain untrue or misleading information in any of the four (4) required evaluation areas may subject the applicant to suspension and/or debarment actions that prevent the submitting vendor from participating in District procurements.

    IMPORTANT:  Please note the UDIPP package will not be available effective Wednesday, November 8th as the District is preparing for a revised UDIPP application process. Submittals of the current UDIPP application will only be accepted up to the close of business, Wednesday, November 8th.  All forms submitted after this designated date will be rejected. During this time, please wait until the updated UDIPP application becomes available before submitting. After December 15, 2017 we will only be accepting the updated UDIPP application.  It is anticipated that the revised UDIPP application process will be available mid February.