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    To build an inclusive, safe community with positive peer and adult relationships.

    This page provides resources for advisories around the topic of engagement, leadership, problem-solving, and participation at the school site and the surrounding community.


    Essential Components

    Foster positive relationships (peer-peer, peer-adult, peer-community) to ensure students feel connected to at least one adult on campus.

    Deepen students understanding of inclusion and diversity.

    Create connections to and involvement with surrounding community.

    Build problem-solving and conflict resolution skills.




    Team-building activities

    Weekly check-in


    Restorative practices

    Trauma-informed practices

    Local community outreach and service projects

    Conflict resolution skills

    Relationship/Team-Building Resources
    Guideline to debriefing team-building activities.
    Teach Thought provides team-building advisory games to promote collaborative critical thinking for all grade levels.
    41 Activities for Building Community
    Restorative Practices Resources
    Teaching Restorative Practices contains rationale for restorative justice and restorative practices, instructions for classroom circles, and several lesson plans for implementation. For all grade levels.
    Center for Restorative Process provides detailed information on how to implement community building circles as part of a school-wide program to improve culture and climate.

    Conflict Resolution Resources
    Building Community and Combating Hate is a publication for middle school students with lessons exploring interpersonal communication, conflict resolution, the escalation of hate and violence, and the responsibilities of living in a democracy.
    Teacher Vision provides lessons to teach social responsibility - from conflict resolution to social justice issues. Choose by grade level.