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    To ensure all students graduate college-prepared and career-ready.

    This page provides resources for advisories around the topics of student goal-setting and preparation for college, career, and real-world success.

    Essential Components
    Help students create goals for post-secondary life.
    Expose students to a myriad of college and career options.
    Ensure students have the necessary resources and information to prepare for college.
    SMART goal setting: short and long term
    Resume building and review
    Test preparation
    College and career resources
    Service-learning and volunteering
    Websites for All Grades (6-12)
    Create a free account to download Plan Ahead's Course Materials for 12 different mini-units, complete with teacher lesson plans, student resources, and activities.


    SMART Goal-Setting for All Grades (6-12)
    This document contains lesson plans for teachers and activities and graphic organizers to walk adolescents through goal-setting and decision-making. 

    Middle School

    California Career Zone has personality assessments, job and career searches, and a budgeting simulation

    6th grade Timeline

    7th grade Timeline

    8th grade Timeline


    High School


    9th grade Timeline

    10th grade Timeline

    11th grade Timeline 

    12th grade Timeline

    Letter of Recommendation Worksheet

    Letter of Recommendation Student Worksheet


    Beginning the 2017-2018 school year, high schools will be given access to an online curriculum, Naviance, which prepares students to be college and career-ready through self-discovery, college preparation, career exploration, and academic planning.