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    To support students in their academic progress, academic self-concept, and overall academic success.
    This page provides resources for advisories around the topics of academic conferencing, SMART goal setting and academic counseling.


    Essential Components

    Monitor students' academic goals and progress towards graduation.

    Advise students on academic decisions and academic achievement.

    Provide instruction in successful learning and study habits.

    Share information and resources in school and comunity.



    Academic Conferencing individually with students

    Course and college counseling (use school IGP/4-year plans)

    Portoflio-building for high school

    Learning styles

    Study skills

    Academic Monitoring document from CollegeBoard
    S.M.A.R.T. Goal worksheets should be completed at the beginning of grading periods.
    Self-Reflection Sheets shoud be filled out by students in preparation for Academic Conferenceing with their Advisory after major grading periods.
    Academic Advisor Protocol Sheet can be used by Advisors during Academic Conferencing.
    Advisories should engage in Academic Conferencing during mid-semester and end of semester, around grading periods.
    Compiling a portfolio each year of high school can help students reflect on their progress and be prepared for college applications and graduation. It is recommended that students have work samples each year from core subjects and give a defense of their portfolio in their senior year.
    Arleta High School's Advisory website gives examples of portfolio accummulation for grades 9-12.
    Woodlake High School's Portfolio Sampler has a detailed checklist for each grade level.
    San Fernando High School's Student Portfolio page several resources and checklists