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    To support students through the development of their identity as a scholar and individual.

    This page provides resources for advisories around the topics of maximizing students’ personal growth and development, including decision-making skills, self-efficacy, growth mindset, goal setting, and planning for success.


    Essential Components
    Provide means of exploring various aspects of identity.
    Promote ethnic/cultural identity development and awareness.
    Help advisees develop behaviors, skills and attitudes necessary for success.
    Integrate social-emotional and restorative practices to develop the whole student.
    Utilize trauma-informed practices to encourage holistic development of students.
    Social-Emotional Learning (self-efficacy, self-management, social awareness)
    Growth mindset
    Ethnic identity development
    Culturally and Linguistically Responsive integration
    Restorative practices
    Trauma-informed practices
    40 Developmental Assets building
    Social-Emotional Resources

    Social-Emotional Activities Workbook has activities ranging from self-awareness, self-management, relationship skills, and responsible decision-making.
    Act for Youth has an entire toolkit, with complete lessons and activities on a variety of Social-Emotional topics.
    Personality and Learning Styles Assessments
    Family Readiness Program provides an array of lesson plans designed to help students develop their social-emotional skills and emotional intelligence. 

    Morningside Center for Teaching Social Responsibility provides a multitude of lessons designed to teach social and emotional learning, empathy, and understanding through current events and modern societal issues ranging from politics and gun violence to climate change and religious tolerance. 
    Lesson Plans on communication
    Identity Development Resources
    Identity Formation articles

    Identity Lesson Plans at Teaching Tolerance and Advocates for Youth

    Culturally and Linguistically Responsive activities at Teaching Tolerance
    "I Am" poem template
    "I Am From" poem template
    Life Values Inventory
    Story of Self Worksheet
    Gender Stereotypes Lessons
    Healthy Relationships Resources
    Relationships mini-unit, with activities
    Teen Dating lessons
    Other Resources

    Citizens Crime Commission provides a student's guide and lesson plan to using social media safely

    Risky Online Relationship lesson plans for High School students
    Maxims for middle and high school students
    20 Face-to-Face Advisory lessons for middle school students by Teaching Tolerance on identity, diversity, justice and action

    College Board's "Advisory Session Guides", for grades 6-12, have lesson plans for relationship-building and developing the necessary attitudes, behaviors, and skills to succeed in school, college, and life. 

    Facing History empowers students and teachers to think critically about history and to understand the impact of their choices.