• Bookmarking Smart IT Production


    1. Click the star twice
    2. Select the bookmarks toolbar
    3. Click on done
    4. Right-click on the bookmark 
    5. Click on properties
    6. Type the appropriate link in the location field
    7. Click save


    1. Click the star
    2. Click edit
    3. Type in the name for the link
    4. Type in the appropriate URL
    5. Click save

    Internet Explorer

    1. Click add to favorites
    2. Right-click on the favorite
    3. Click on the web document tab
    4. Add the appropriate URL
    5. Click ok

    Download PDF version here


    Setting the Incident Console as your Home Page

    From your current landing page:

    1. Expand the 'Functions' menu on the left side of your screen
    2. Select 'Application Preferences'
    3. Open the 'Default Home Page' dropdown menu
    4. Select 'Incident Management Console'
    5. Hit 'save'

    Download PDF version here


    Turning Off Group Notifications

    For ITSM Remedy

    Select My Profile from the Incident Management Console

    1. Click on the Update Notifications Preferences
    2. Click on the Create button
    3. Set the following fields:
    4.  Module Name = Incident
       Notification Event – Assignment
       Status* = Enabled
       Pager Notification* = No
       Use Business Hours* = No
       Use Business Holidays* = No
       Individual Notifications* = Yes
       Group Notifications* = No
        Notification Method* = Email
    5. Click Add
    6. Click Close
    7. Close the browser tab

    Download PDF version here


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