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    Welcome to the LAUSD National Board Certified Teachers website.

    Negotiations Update

    National Board Certified Teachers (NBC) shall continue to be eligible for a 7½% differential for work in the classroom through distance learning. NBC teachers not able to attain the total ninety-two (92) hours needed for the additional 7½% differential in the 2019-2020 school year shall be able to make up the difference between their additional hours worked and the ninety-two (92) in the 2020-2021 school year.      Please note!  These hours must be used and reported by the May 2021 log submission due date.  No hours will roll over to the 21-22 school year.

    Welcome Newly Certified NBC Teachers

    Congratulations on achieving National Board Certification. Reflecting on your practice and gathering evidence in alignment with the 7 principles is a demanding undertaking. We are happy to welcome you to our Los Angeles Unified NBC Family.


    Click on this link for more information on next steps as a newly certified NBC Teacher.  Please be patient as it may take some time before PAC and Commitment Form submissions show a score in Schoology.

    20 21 Steps for Newly Certified NBC Teachers


    To review what is eligible for earning NBC hours click on the NBC Guidelines box below.  Read the information on the page then click on the link at the bottom.   There will be a box for each Task.  In addition to reading the guidelines and downloading logs for Tasks you wish to engage in you may wish to review the Task Tutorials which are posted in the Task Folders in the Log Submission Course.   Schoology 20 21 Log Submission Course Access Code:  GPNM-5PDF-56ZC7.


    Online Submission on Schoology is the only way to submit 20-21 NBC Logs

    • Please see the forms page for the access code for the PAC & Commitment Form Submission Course.
    • The access code for the fall online log submission will be added no later than the end of September.
    • We will notify all NBC Teachers when the NBC Information and task tutorials are ready.



    Click thefy images below for more information on the LAUSD National Board Certified Teacher Program. 
    Summer Early Start Hours information can be found under NBC Guidelines.
    Links for NBC Log pages are at the bottom of the guidelines for each task.
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