Central American Resource Center (CARECEN)

     The Central American Resource Center was founded by a group of Salvadoran refugees whose mission was to secure legal status for the thousands of Central Americans fleeing civil war, CARECEN received 501C(3) status in 1983. Over the past 25 years, CARECEN has transformed itself from a small grassroots group to the largest Central American organization in the country. Its clients have similarly changed from refugees fleeing war, to families who have put down roots in the U.S. and are building vibrant lives for themselves and their children.

    Community Coaltion

    Community Coalition

    Community leaders, including current California Assembly Speaker, Karen Bass, founded Community Coalition as a non-profit organization in 1990 in response to the 1980's crack cocaine epidemic that devastated South LA. The goal was to provide preventative community-centered solutions to the drug problem.

    Community Coalition works with African American and Latino residents to build a prosperous and healthy South LA with safe neighborhoods, quality schools, a strong social safety net and positive economic development in order to reduce crime, poverty and substance abuse in our community.

    FIS Families In Schools (FIS)

    Families In Schools is a legacy organization of the Los Angeles Annenberg Metropolitan Project (LAAMP) that sustains, expands, and refines LAAMP’s comprehensive work in parental involvement. LAAMP’s Parents as Learning Partners (PLP) initiative reached over 35,000 families in 33 schools in two Los Angeles County school districts over five years. The Los Angeles Annenberg Metropolitan Project (LAAMP) was created in 1995 with a $53 million Annenberg Challenge Grant. LAAMP worked with 28 clusters of “School Families” serving 200,000 students, 8,600 teachers, and 247 K-12 schools in 14 districts.


    InnerCitInner City y Struggle (ICS) 

    InnerCity Struggle has worked with youth and community residents for the past 12 years to promote safe, healthy, and non-violent communities in the Eastside. We involve youth, families and community members that work together for change in their communities. We provide positive after-school programs for students to become involved in supporting our schools. We have empowered students to reach their family’s dream of college. The work of InnerCity Struggle demonstrates that youth and parents working together are a powerful force for improving their communities and making real change.

    UCLA's Institute for Democracy, Education, and Access (IDEA)

    UCLA’s Institute for Democracy, Education, and Access (IDEA) is a research institute seeking to understand and challenge pervasive racial and social class inequalities in education. In addition to conducting independent research and policy analysis, IDEA supports educators, public officials, advocates, community activists, and young people as they design, conduct, and use research to make high-quality public schools and successful college participation routine occurrences in all communities. IDEA also studies how research combines with strategic communications and public engagement to promote widespread participation in civic life.

    United LA

    Unite LA

    UNITE LA works to promote and support effective relationships between public schools and their business and community partners.

    • Students gain access to education and skills training, preparing them for the high-skill, high-wage careers of the global economy.
    • Local businesses partner with their future local workforce to meet the needs of the 21st Century marketplace.

    United Way

    United Way of Greater Los Angeles

    At United Way of Greater Los Angeles, three core values inspire and inform everything we do.

    • We believe all families should have access to affordable housing and health care.
    • We believe all students should graduate from high school prepared for college and the workforce.
    • We believe working families should be financially stable.