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                                                    Lydia Acosta Stephens,

                                                     Executive Director

  • Los Angeles Unified has more than 92,000 English Learners and we are thankful for the students who spoke at today’s School Board meeting about their language journey. Thank you Emily and Santiago from Julie Korenstein ES, Stephany from @VerdugoHillsHS, Valeria and Nestor from @Jefferson_Demos, Mia from Olive Vista MS, and Jasmine from John Liechty MS for sharing ideas to help all students on their journey toward bilingualism.

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  • Tribal Consultation Meeting

    Wednesday, May 24, 2023

    1:00 - 3:00 pm


    Zoom link: https://lausd.zoom.us/j/83414787778

    Meeting ID: 834 1478 7778

    Phone Number to Dial In: +1 213 338 8477 US (Los Angeles)


  • Migrant & Refugee Education Program

    Saturday School for Students

    migrant ed saturday school


    National Bilingual/Multilingual Learner Advocacy

    Los Angeles Unified supports more than 92,000 English Learners. Our District is also proud to offer Dual Language Education programs in 7 languages and World Languages and Cultures courses in 11 different languages. Enjoy this informational video to learn more about the upcoming K-12 Multilingualism Awards. Click on our directory and visit our website to learn more!

  • Pathway Award and Seal of Biliteracy


    seal of biliteracy


    Click below to watch an informational video on the

    Pathway to Biliteracy and the Seal of Biliteracy Awards.

                    English Video                                    Spanish Video

      pathway video                              ssb spanish

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  • Title VI Tribal Form

    Tribal Consultation

    1:00 pm - 3:00 pm - Wednesdays

    March 22, 2023

    April 26, 2023

    May 24, 2023

    Zoom Meeting ID:  834 1478 7778

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