•  Intern Credentialing and Added Authorization Program (iCAAP)


    The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) Intern Credentialing and Added Authorization Program (iCAAP) for teachers has a history of successfully preparing educators to provide effective instruction to all students in a large urban setting. A fully accredited California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) teacher preparation program, iCAAP is tuition-free for all Interns/Candidates. More than 13,000 teachers have earned their California teaching credential through LAUSD since 1983.

    Presently iCAAP consists of seven preliminary programs: Education Specialist Instruction Credential, Mild Moderate Disabilities; Education Specialist Instruction Credential, Moderate Severe Disabilities; Education Specialist Instruction Credential, Early Childhood; Single Subject Teaching Credential, Science (Chemistry or Physics), Mathematics, or English; and the Multiple Subject Teaching Credential. For their iCAAP preliminary credential, Interns complete a carefully designed course of study taught by highly qualified, experienced Instructional Faculty. Assigned to each Intern is an experienced like-credentialed Lead Mentor who supports and guides the Intern throughout their Portfolio Practicum, based on the Intern’s classroom assignment and the California Teaching Performance Expectations (TPE).

    The iCAAP Teacher Induction program prepares Education Specialists and District Intern graduates for the California Clear Credential. The intent of the 24-month program is to provide an opportunity for each Candidate to grow in their capacity as a teacher through an individualized program of reflection led and supported by like-credentialed Lead Mentors.

    In addition, iCAAP has six added authorization programs for credentialed teachers: Autism Spectrum Disorder; Early Childhood Special Education; and Bilingual – Spanish, Korean, Mandarin, or French. The Reading and Literacy Added Authorization was submitted to the CCTC Initial Program Review in March 2019 to address the needs of the District to close the reading and literacy gap.


    • Enrollment/Qualifications/Application Process Questions.

      Email di@teachinla.com or call 213-241-5581.

    • Program Questions (for current District Interns).
    Email DistrictInternProgram@lausd.net or call 213-241-5466.

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