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Analyze, Inspire, Transform.  Utilizing Data to Achieve Greatness.


Special Education Aligned Strategic Plan

The purpose of our Aligned Strategic Plan is to seamlessly support the implementation of the District’s Plan to ensure that all students graduate life-ready, college-prepared, and/or career-ready. Our Aligned Strategic Plan will also help to shift the District and Division of Special Education from external MCD oversight to internal systems of goal setting, progress monitoring, and accountability.


Strategic Planning and Data Management

 The Strategic Planning and Data Management team's work is centered on five areas:

  • Institutionalizing an internal monitoring and accountability system that promotes performance management while adhering to all federal, state, and District requirements as part of operations
  • Facilitating periodic strategic review meetings to review performance, discuss implications, and refine strategic issues for resolution and continued progress
  • Providing effective external and internal communication and data sharing about instructional and operational areas
  • Using data to evaluate and improve instruction, services, and operational support
  • Welligent development projects and integrated data systems that allow for communication between multiple data systems

Data Management

The data management team focuses on the development and implementation of a systemic process to collect and use data to evaluate and improve instruction, services, and operational support.


Welligent Support

Welligent is a District-wide web-based software system used for online IEPs and tracking of related services (such as speech and language, physical therapy, vision and hearing screenings, nursing services, etc.) provided to students during the course of their education. Welligent allows administrators to monitor IEP timelines and service delivery, and generate reports to ensure compliance with special education laws and regulations.