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  • California NGSS 

    California NGSS Framework is approved.  Click here for more information.

    Please click on this link to find out about the latest regarding California NGSS Assessment Plan




    • Each Local District has its own network of support for science instruction. Professional development opportunities for teachers are currently available and ongoing. For more information, contact your Local District staff. 
    • The Division of Instruction is conducting a curriculum pilot in all middle schools starting January 2017. All schools with middle grades are invited to participate including 6th grade in the elementary setting. Schools will be provided with science materials and PD support for the pilot. To participate contact your science support at your Local District Office. For a complete list of the science staff at the Local District Offices click here  
    • The Science Leadership Team (a group of teacher leaders) is currently developing an NGSS aligned instructional units, one for each grade level, to be available to all schools starting semester II of the 2016-2017 school year. The units will also have a professional development module for that unit so teachers may deepen their content and pedagogical knowledge
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The Los Angeles Unified School District is transitioning to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS, adopted by the State Board of Education in September, 2013).  Teachers are encouraged to attend professional development provided by the Local Districts and bring the materials to schools to discuss with colleagues and collaborate to explore the new standards. The focus should be on grasping the shifts of NGSS and on modifying lessons so students are engaged in the 3 dimensional learning (3D Learning) of the Science and Engineering Practices, The Disciplinary Core Ideas, and The Crosscutting Concepts.
Currently, there is an NGSS interim assessment option for secondary schools transitioning to NGSS. Teachers are encouraged to try out this option or at least explore it to understand the demands of NGSS. These items were adopted from performance tasks provided by the NGSS official website www.nextgenscience.org