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About Our Office
Administrator:    Maruch Atienza
Director of Accounting

333 South Beaudry Avenue, 26th Floor

Los Angeles, CA 90017

Phone: 213-241-7991
Fax: 213-241-8908
Email: accounting-info@lausd.net


Cash Receipts (213) 241-7948

The Cash Receipts Office receives cash and checks from various sources such as Federal, State, and local entities (County, City, schools, private companies, and private individuals). The office codes and inputs receipts SAP revenue accounts, balance sheet accounts, or expenditure accounts; deposits the checks with Bank of America; prepares monthly worksheets of daily deposits and reconciliations of Cash in Bank per books, and per bank accounts; and researches and analyzes transactions and deposit problems relating to cash receipts.

Charter Schools Accounting (213) 241-7927

The Charter Schools Accounting office processes monthly revenue payments that pass through the District and remits the money to fiscally independent charter schools on or before the designated deadlines; collects fees for services rendered to charter schools by the District; processes repayments for loans and/or other forms of advances from the District; coordinates the consolidation of First and Second Interim reports and un-audited actuals for submission to LACOE; reviews audited financial statements submitted by the charter schools for audit adjustments to amend the succeeding year's beginning fund balance; and maintains an efficient system of reporting in compliance with the California School Accounting Manual and an efficient communication system with the charter schools and other offices.

Job Cost Accounting Section (213) 241-2701

The Job Cost Accounting Section staff maintains financial records which identify, control and distribute the cost of force account expenditures in the area of maintenance, reprographic services, transportation, information technology, and other functions where it is necessary to track expenditures by the specific "job" being performed. Staff monitors and maintains records of expenditures of individual internal orders, monitors and controls overhead expenses, and establishes overhead and benefit rates in order to recover expenditures associated with force account services. In addition, staff provides management reports and other information needed to control force account job and expenditure costs.

Section staff are responsible for the physical distribution and control of all "B" warrants. Tasks include distributing, reviewing and reconciling "B" warrants, processing cancellations, tracers and re-issuance of "B" warrants.

Developer Fee Program Office (213) 241-0715

The Developer Fee Program Office (DFPO) staff collects District developer fees on residential and commercial/industrial development projects that are within the District boundaries and outside the City of Los Angeles. The DFPO staff performs specialized accounting and statistical reporting for the Developer Fee Program, and coordinates inter-agency collection requirements with staff from the City of Los Angeles. Office staff also 1) provides general and/or technical information relating to the developer fee program to various departments of Building and Safety staff, to developer/owners, and to other interested individuals, 2) processes waivers to developer/owners based on approved exemption criteria, and 3) processes developer fee refunds.

Mandated Cost (213) 241-7991

The Mandated Cost Unit is responsible for filing and monitoring mandated cost claims.