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The District releases an updated version of MiSiS with software fixes and/or enhancements every other Tuesday night. Browse the notes below to learn about all updates released since August 2014.
  • MiSiS Updates - December 14, 2016

    Posted by The MiSiS Team at 12/14/2016

    MiSiS Announcements


    Login Page

    The ADFS login page where employees log in to MiSiS has been updated to randomly display a set of images representing the students of LAUSD.



    The following items have been fixed or updated in MiSiS:


    • Library Opt In field (shown as Success Library Card on the screen) is now available on the Enrollment screen, by going to Enrollment History > Edit to enter.
    • Additional validation has been added to the Withdrawal screen for combinations of Withdrawal Codes and Withdrawal Reasons.
      • L1 Same School – will auto populate Future School field. Future Residence is not required.
      • L2 Other LAUSD School – Future School field is now a dropdown with LAUSD schools.
      • L5 and Reason Moved to Another State – User will be prompted to enter state where student is moving.
      • L5 and Reason Moved to Another Country – User will be prompted to enter country where student is moving.
      • L7 and L8 – Future School field is not a required field.
      • L7 and Reason Code 90 (Diploma) may only be entered once for a student.
    • Users will receive a warning message if they enter a withdrawal date the same as the student’s enrollment date. User will be redirected to the No Show screen.
    • Withdrawal History screen now allows users to view withdrawals entered by other schools.
    • Withdrawal screen includes Created By, Created Date, Modified By, and Modified Date fields.
    • Master Plan Program will now be ended with the withdrawal date when the student is withdrawn.
    • Parent Assurance Letter information will now be entered on the withdrawal screen.



    • Periods 50-75 for Credit Recovery Programs are now available for high schools.
    • New Section Attributes have been added for Credit Recovery Programs in Sections Editor.
    • In Sections Editor, the default order will now display by teacher in alphabetical order.
    • The Off-Site Sections in Sections Editor will no longer appear as duplicate sections.
    • Performance has been improved when deleting a section in Sections Editor.
    • The loading circles in Walk-In Scheduler have been minimized on the screen.
    • Performance has been improved when typing in a student name in Walk-In.
    • Processes have been updated to minimize system errors when student class changes are made in Walk-In Scheduler.
    • The Class Enrollment Report will now display accurate enrollment counts.
    • The Teacher Sections Assignment Report will display active sections according to the As of date selected.



    • The Attendance Referral In-line Report now includes begin and end date parameters.
    • The Attendance Not Submitted Report now lists teachers in alphabetical order in the Teacher parameter.


    English Learner

    • English Learner Progress Profile now displays ‘Days Enrolled’ and ‘Days Absent’ information on the report.
    • Primary language should now be consistent in all reports and screens, with sources consolidated into one table.



    • The report title is no longer cut off on the Missing Grades Report for Secondary Schools.
    • The Options School Report Card will now correctly sort in alphabetical order when that option is selected.
    • The capability to generate the Grades Summary Report has been added to the following user roles:
      • Operations Administrators
      • Pupil Services - Homeless
      • Pupil Services - SARB
      • Pupil Services - Admin
      • Discipline Designee


    Graduation Standards

    • The Graduation Standards Summary screen now correctly displays the students’ Counselor name on the Graduation Requirements Year section.
    • TThe LAUSD A-G Details screen now correctly calculates and displays the mathematics requirements status for the UC Admissions section.


    Manage Groups

    • Schools will have the option to mass update student membership in a group and mass delete students in a group in “Group Membership”.
    • Schools will have the option to end all groups en masse.


    Student Testing

    • The SBA Label and Roster report now displays all teachers.
    • GATE test scores now displays a two-digit decimal and % sign.


    Student Support

    • The Student Support Admin role now has access to all Student Support Reports.



    • Data corrections were made to reported students’ Transcript Details.


    Student Record Request

    • The Transcript Request screen has been removed from MiSiS. Data entered previously on the Transcript screen has been moved to the Record Request screen on the Academics menu.
    • New Record Request screen is available on the Academics menu. The new screen allows users to record requests for transcripts and other student records.



    • The Elementary E and L Report and the Secondary E and L Report have been removed from the report menu.
    • The new Enrollment and Withdrawal Report replaces the E and L Report. The report may be run for elementary and secondary schools.



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