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The District releases an updated version of MiSiS with software fixes and/or enhancements every other Tuesday night. Browse the notes below to learn about all updates released since August 2014.
  • MiSiS Updates - May 18, 2016

    Posted by The MiSiS Team at 5/18/2016

    MiSiS Announcements


    Year End Processing-12th Graders

    The Mass Leave Reason Entry Screen is now available to Scheduling Admin, Counselor, and Office Manager user roles. This screen is used to enter a leave reason code for all non-returning 12th grade students. The new screen is located on the Admin menu and includes all 12th grade students at the selected school. Schools must update this data by June 10th. A job aid is available on the MiSiS website. Please refer to REF-6501.2 2015-16 Year End Coding for All 12th Grade Students for policy and deadline information.


    Summer School

    The Summer School Application Report is not generating correctly. The MiSIS team is working on this issue and an update will be provided.



    The following items have been updated/fixed in MiSiS:


    • Next Year Enrollment process will now process transfer requests for Pre-K students and create a next year enrollment for these students in 2016-17 school year.
      • If the Pre-K student will turn 5 on or before September 1, the 2016-17 enrollment will be in Kindergarten at the transfer to school.
      • If the student will turn 5 after September 1, the 2016-17 enrollment will be in grade Pre-K at the transfer to school.



    • The School Courses screen no longer displays duplicate courses.
    • In the Section Assignments screen, combined sections for same course will only be allowed if differentiated with a section type.
    • Manage Group Screens
      • Schools no longer have to associate the group to a pre-existing “Small Learning Community” when creating a “Learning Community” group.
      • The “SLC” label has changed to “LC” on the student profile page.
    • An “Equivalent Courses” column has been created in the District Courses Report to select by A-G courses, H courses, or all courses. This allows the user the ability to sort by course name, course number, or department.
    • In the School Courses report, “Grade Span” has been created for all courses, which allows the user to select by A-G courses, H courses, or all courses, and sort by course name, course number, or department.
    • A column has been added for “counselor name” on the Students Missing Requests Report, formerly named the Student Conflict Analysis Report.
      • Users can now filter to select by “Group Category”.
      • A parameter has been added to select by “Grad Year”.
    • A “Sort By” option has been created for the Student Program Report (formerly named the Student Sections Report) to sort by “Counselor” and “Learning Communities”.
      • A message box has been added for schools to create a message to students.
      • A “Teacher” parameter has also been created to run the report by teacher.
    • A term name will now appear below the report title “Magnet Course Enrollment”.
    • A “Sort By” option has been created in the School Spaces report for space, period, and teacher. The report will now display the number of periods assigned, sections and percentage of room usage.
    • The Summer School Schedule for 2015-2016 has been added under Schedule in MiSiS Explorer.



    • The following issues with the Uncleared Absences Report have been resolved:
      • The report now generates for magnet schools.
      • The parent letters are generated in the same order as they are in the Excel portion of the report.
      • The students for the selected group(s) are displayed correctly.
      • The report now generates via the Reports menu link located in the Attendance tab of the student profile screen.


    Student Profile

    • Carlson Home staff now have access to the student profile screen by clicking on the student name or ID link on the attendance roster.


    Athletic Eligibility

    • At secondary schools, the Official Athletic Team Groups for 2016-17 are now available.
    • The Athletic screen now includes a dropdown menu which includes the current and future year in order to allow entry dates for required athletic documents.
    • The Athletic screen no longer includes Physical Exam and Nurse’s Clearance Dates in the District Required Documents. The overall Athletic Eligibility logic only takes into account the Physical Exam information populated at the bottom of the screen, via an interface from Welligent.


    Summer School

    • The Summer School Course Offerings Report is now available and will be used to identify which summer school locations are offering a specific course. The report includes the number of students requesting a course at a school, section capacity, section type, and summer school program.
    • The Summer School Application report has been modified to include the following parameters:
      • School Year parameter
      • Sort parameter, which allows the letter to be printed by period and teacher for easier distribution.
      • Comments parameter, which allows users to enter up to 300 characters in the Comments parameter. The comment will print on the bottom of each letter.



    • The drop down values for Exemption Reason on the Student Immunization Screen have been changed. “Religious” and “Personal Belief-Temporary” have been removed as an Exemption Reason. New Exemption Reason values are:
      • Medical-Permanent
      • Medical-Temporary
      • Proof of Immunity (Proof of Immunity(Varicella Only))
      • Student with Active IEP
    • For students with a Medical-Temporary Exemption reason, users are now required to enter an Exemption Date.
    • The interface to Welligent has been updated to include Exemption Date.


    English Learner

    • A new screen is available to users to enter parent notification dates for a group of students. The screen can be accessed by going to Admin > Mass Notification Date Entry. Dates entered in this screen can be viewed by going to the English Learner screen and accessing a new section called Parent Notification Dates.
    • There are two new Master Plan programs available for 2016-17 school year:
      • Dual Language Armenian at Mountain View ES
      • Dual Language Arabic at Elizabeth Learning Center
    • The Student parameter on the LTEL Goal Sheet now displays the LTEL students, not all EL students.


    Student Testing

    • The SBA Label and Student Roster now displays the teachers at the school and their assigned students.



    • On the Missing Grades Report, the ‘SLC’ selection parameter has been renamed to "LC". Additionally, the ‘Grade Type’ selection parameter is now defaulting to "Select All".
    • The Counseling List Report now displays the most recent grade level, when Grade Level changes are made to a student.
    • The Distribution of Marks Report no longer includes courses that have the section attribute of “Exclude Grades”.


    Graduation Standards

    • The display of the Marks, Credits, and the Grade Level in the Graduation Standards Detail screen are now aligned.
    • The capability to mass update the Service Learning and Career Pathway fields for students has been added in the ‘Action’ drop down of the Advanced Search results.
    • The Group Selection parameters on the High School IGP Report have been updated to allow easier selection of Groups. A Graduation Requirements Year parameter has been added and the ‘SLC’ parameter label has been changed to ‘LC’.
    • A Grad Year and an Enrollment Status parameter has been added to the Graduation Eligibility Status Report for 2016 and Beyond.
    • The feature to ‘Override’ the Overall Graduation Eligibility status from "No" to "Waived" has been added for the following roles: Principal, Scheduling Administrator, and Counselor Plus.
    • When authorized users toggle the ‘CDE’ only option for eligible Foster/Probation or Homeless Youth in the Graduation Standards Summary screen, the system will now automatically waive the LAUSD A-G and the LAUSD (other) Requirements.
    • The ‘Sp Ed Program’ field in the Graduation Requirements Summary screen now displays the Program Type instead of the Eligibility Criteria. The field ‘SPED Curriculum Type’ was added and now displays the appropriate curriculum type of: General Education or Alternate Curriculum.



    • The High School Transcript Report now correctly gives credit to students who repeated or took equivalent courses that previously did not give credit even though credit was applicable.
    • The High School Transcript Report will no longer include the CAHSEE criteria under the Graduation Requirements section. Additionally, the label of ‘CSU A-G’, under the Graduation Requirements section, was renamed to ‘LAUSD A-G’.
    • The High School Transcript Report now displays the most current Athletic Eligibility GPA when selected in the Report Options.
    • Transcript Data corrections have been made for selected students.



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