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The District releases an updated version of MiSiS with software fixes and/or enhancements every other Tuesday night. Browse the notes below to learn about all updates released since August 2014.
  • MiSiS Updates - November 30, 2016

    Posted by The MiSiS Team at 11/30/2016

    MiSiS Announcements


    Certify Data Tool

    There was a technical issue this morning that prevented the Certify data tool to email notifications to end users. We are investigating the issue. You may still access today’s scorecards by logging in directly to Certify at: https://datatool.lausd.net.

    You will be receiving Certify email notifications on Thursday, December 1st only for this week.

    Student Photos

    One of the most commonly asked questions from MiSiS users has been “When are the student photos coming?” Beginning today, approximately 10 schools will see student photos in MiSiS as part of a pilot program. The schools are using MiSiS as usual in order to make sure there are no issues caused by the addition of the photos. Once the pilot has been completed, all schools will have the chance to have student photos in MiSiS. The goal is for all schools to have student photos loaded into MiSiS during the second semester.



    The following items have been fixed or updated in MiSiS:


    • Data fixes were made for specific schools.



    • The Concurrent Term Editor Auto Populate button will list all mappings on the first click.
    • The Sections Editor has been updated so that users can only edit the off-site section’s student enrollment for those who belong to the same school.
    • In Sections Editor, under the Section Details for “teacher”, the teacher’s employee number has been added to help distinguish employees (this change will also reflect in Section Assignments).
    • The Sections Editor group drop down menu now displays all sections and students related to that group.
    • The following changes were made in the Walk In tab:
      • The “Hide Reviewed Schedules” icon “!” is now in black color.
      • The 504 plan alert in the student pop-up window has been updated to display correctly.
      • The linked section feature will schedule a student in both linked sections.



    • The Master Absence Report no longer displays students’ absences from previous schools of attendance.



    • The Athletic Report parameters have been modified as follows:
      • Local District – Defaults to the Local District the user has access to. If a user’s access is to all Local Districts, the user must select the desired LD.
      • School Year – Defaults to the current year, with the option of selecting the previous school year.
      • Campus – Defaults to the campus the user has access to. If a user’s access is to all campuses, the user must select the desired campus.
      • Sports Season(s) – Select the desired season, this will cascade the Athletic Group(s).
      • Athletic Group(s) – Select the desired group, this will cascade the Group Name(s).
      • Group Name(s) – Select the desired group.
      • GPA Eligibility – Select the desired GPA Eligibility. This parameter includes values comprising a term name and a date, which is five days post the previous school term, as of the selected school year. This date will also be treated as the selected effective date to retrieve GPA in the report body. For all other report body elements, the effective date used is July 1st of the selected school year.
      • Eligibility Date – Select the desired date which falls within the term selected in the GPA Eligibility parameter. If a date outside of the term is selected, an error message will display to indicate the selected date is outside the range associated with the selected eligibility term and a list of dates will appear for selection.


    English Learner

    • Additional selections have been added to the LTEL Goal Sheet ‘Report Options’ parameter to allow users to generate the reports by ELD or LTEL Teacher.
    • The succeeding pages on the Reclassification Label report now keep their alignment within the labels.



    • The Conservatory of Fine Arts screen for mass update of CFA class participation is now available to GATE Office Administrator User Role.
    • The GATE Student Profile-Elementary and the GATE Student Profile-Secondary have been removed from the GATE Reports menu. Reports are no longer used.



    • A fix has been deployed that now allows the entry of grades by teachers at schools that are piloting the California Content Standards Grades and Reports.


    Manage Groups

    • The option to select “Gender” has been added to the Dynamic Criteria drop down menu when creating a dynamic group.
    • New student enrollment in “counseling” and “learning community” groups has been updated.


    MiSiS Ad Hoc Reporting and Dashboards

    • The new 504 Plan information is now available in the Programs folder, which can be found in the following subject areas: Student Detail, Enrollment History, Student Graduation Progress, Parent Guardian, Student Support, and English Learner. The new data includes Section 504 Plan flag, Discharge (Exit) Date, Accommodations, and Case Manager.
    • IGP Communication information is now available in the Student folder, which can be found in the following subject areas: Student Detail, Course Enrollment, and Student Graduation Progress. The new data includes information about the IGP Communication Date, Method, Purpose, and Follow Up.
    • The Subject Areas User Guide has been updated with 504 Plan and IGP Communication information. It is available in the Job Aids section on the MiSiS website (http://achieve.lausd.net/Page/11877) and the Support section on the MiSiS Ad Hoc Reporting and Dashboards website (http://achieve.lausd.net/adhoc).


    State Reports

    • The Elementary Classification Report now displays students without schedules on the exception report with a W14: Students with No Schedule Ever.


    Student Support

    • A new District level user role, “Student Support Admin”, is now available to allow users to enter Contact Log, Counseling Communication, Interventions, and Referral details including Actions Taken.



    • The following updates were made to the Transcripts Detail Screen:
      • The dates of the courses that had Term End Dates of 1/1/0001 have been corrected.
      • When exporting the Transcript Details to PDF, the file will now display correctly.
      • For efficiency and convenience, the screen has been enhanced to have only a single scroll bar instead of dual scroll bars.
      • The Transcript information has been corrected for reported students.



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