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The District releases an updated version of MiSiS with software fixes and/or enhancements every other Tuesday night. Browse the notes below to learn about all updates released since August 2014.
  • MiSiS Updates - August 24, 2016

    Posted by The MiSiS Team at 8/24/2016

    MiSiS Announcements/Reminders


    LAUSD Student Success Library Card

    The LAUSD Student Success Library Card field is not yet available in MiSiS. Schools need to collect and save the forms until the field becomes available.


    As a reminder, when printing the Cumulative Grade Labels (Secondary and Options) report, be sure that the ‘Page Sizing and Handling’ setting is set to ‘Actual Size’ and that the ‘Page Orientation’ is set to landscape mode.



    The following items have been fixed or updated in MiSiS:


    • When changes are made to students’ schedules en masse in Sections Editor, the system will prevent students from being placed in the same periods.
    • When making schedule changes to a student’s schedule in Walk-In Scheduler for future dates, an error message will appear if a class is over-capacity preventing the change. Users will have to use to pin number to override the capacity.
    • The Add/Drop Report from the Walk-In Scheduler screen will now print in the appropriate period order.
    • A new Groups Report is now available from the Reports menu under “Other” Master Scheduling category. This report will display a summary of groups and/or details of students who are members of the selected group.
    • New Section 504 student information has been added and may be found under MiSiS Explorer > Demographics > Special Programs > Section 504.



    • The Attendance Referral Report now includes the same Partial Day absence logic as the Attendance Summary Report. If a student is absent in one or more periods, and attendance not submitted in one or more periods, then it is considered a part day absent.
    • The Attendance Summary Report for comprehensive and continuation schools, when downloaded in CSV format, now separates the student’s address, city, state, and zip from the phone number(s) in two separate cells, and a comma has been placed in between city and state.
    • The Student Truancy Report screen is now available under the Admin menu. The Student Truancy Report screen provides the following options:
      • Viewing the qualifying list of students for each truancy letter*
      • Generating Second and Third NOT letters for mailing (for school sites)
      • Viewing mailed truancy notification letters
    • Refer to the Truancy Dates and Policy hyperlink found on the Student Truancy Report screen to:
      • Access policy and procedures outlined in REF-5464 (Initial Notification of Truancy (1st NOT) Central Automation and School Generated (2nd and 3rd NOT) Procedures)
      • Obtain dates and timelines
      • View when the Central Office generates the final list for the initial NOT
      • View when letters are scheduled for mailing
      • Update absence reason codes

    Please note that unflagged no show students’ absences will appear on the qualifying list, but will be excluded from the centrally automated Initial NOT Letter.


    State Reports

    • The Elementary Classification report now populates the Capture Code selection parameter dynamically based on the month/school year selected.


    English Learner

    • The English Learner screen now displays the LAUSD CELDT results in the CELDT section, if a student took the test.
    • The RFEP Monitoring Roster now includes SBA test results. The SPED column displays the eligibility code for Special Ed students.
    • The EL Student Schedule Summary Report now displays the updated criteria for LTELs; i.e. in addition to being an EL for five or more years, they should also be in 6th grade or higher.


    Student Testing

    • An ‘Effective Date’ parameter has been added to the Master Plan Labels report so students who have switched classrooms mid-year will be correctly associated with their teacher.


    Graduation Standards

    • The INTCOOR SCI 3AB courses will now meet either the Biological or Physical Science requirement and when these have already been met, if needed, it will be used to meet the Elective Requirement.
    • The logic of the Graduation Progress Report was updated such that it now waives the LAUSD A-G Requirements and the LAUSD (Additional) Requirements of the AB216/167/1806 eligible students who have opted to meet the CDE Only Graduation Requirements.



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