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The District releases an updated version of MiSiS with software fixes and/or enhancements every other Tuesday night. Browse the notes below to learn about all updates released since August 2014.
  • MiSiS Updates - February 8, 2017

    Posted by The MiSiS Team at 2/8/2017

    MiSiS Reminder: As of last night, the Attendance Window has been reset to the default settings: Elementary teachers can submit attendance for the current day plus four previous instructional days; Secondary teachers can submit attendance for the current instructional day.



    The following items have been fixed or updated in MiSiS:


    • Schools can now assign sections to a Period X to denote Independent Study Programs. An updated Independent Study Policy is forthcoming and will be issued by the Division of Instruction.
    • The Student Schedule Summary Report will now display only the selected period when running the School Finder list or Teacher-Period list.
    • The Counseling Planning Sheet now accurately displays student final marks.



    • The Mailed Truancy Letter Report now displays correctly.


    Academic Intervention

    • A new screen on the Admin menu, Update Academic Intervention Outcome, is now available to Office Managers, Principals, Counselors, Scheduling Administrators, and Categorical Program Coordinator user roles. This screen can be used to enter Participation Duration, Outcome, and Participation End Reason for a group of students.
    • Intervention Services Report now has a parameter to include students who are no longer enrolled.


    English Learner

    • The Parental Exception Waiver Request section has been updated to now only allow waivers to be entered for LEP students and has removed waiver requests entered for non-LEP students. This section will now also allow a past date to be entered in the 'Request Decision Date' field when entering a waiver for a Dual Language program.
    • The "Parent Notification Date" field no longer displays on the Reclassification Information section of the EL screen, as this field already exists on the Parent Notification Dates section.
    • Master Plan Program section will no longer display these four 4 fields -- Initial Parent Notification date, Annual Parent Notification date, Notification Type, Eligible/Participates. These are now found in the Parent Notification Dates section.
    • The RFEP Monitoring R Roster no longer displays subjects multiple times for the same student.



    • Schools piloting the TK California Content Standards Grades may now enter grades by teachers.
    • The Teacher Verification Report can now be displayed for teachers and administrators that are piloting the California Content Standards Grades and Reports.


    Graduation Standards

    • Users are now able to save the Post-Secondary Plan when selecting Community College from the dropdown.
    • The Middle School IGP Report now correctly displays the students’ Fall and Spring schedule in the right order.



    • The CHDP on Health Screening screen (Misc > Health Screening) is now editable.
    • Data clean-up was done to remove Immunization Exemption= Student with Active IEP. Due to a change in California law this exemption is no longer valid. Schools should contact School Nurse or Nursing Services for further information.


    Manage Groups

    • The “End Group” and “Delete Group” buttons will function without error.
    • Screen performance is enhanced in both the Manage Groups screen and Miscellaneous Participation.
    • The “Add Students” button will add qualifying students to groups without an error.


    MiSiS Ad Hoc Reporting

    • The student detail reports on the Eligibility Code Dashboard, also known as, the More than a Meal Dashboard, have been updated to include Parent/Guardian contact information. All student detail reports on the Eligibility Code Dashboard now include parent name and parent contact, or phone number of the primary parent.


    MiSiS Explorer

    • Current and Future Enrollment Attributes will now display school’s location code.
    • When searching for students while creating a static group, the Advanced Search screen will clearly display searched data.


    Next Year Enrollment

    • Student Resident School Report now includes students without a boundary school.


    State Reporting

    • The Secondary Classification Report now correctly displays the AAL student count, and AAL students are also listed on the roster portion of the report.
    • The Opportunity Statistical Report now displays the Attendance Category based on the user selected School Month and date range.
    • The City of Angels Elementary Statistical/SMASR now displays the correct Run Date (the date the report was generated by the Central Office).
    • The ESY Statistical- Secondary Report can now be generated for previous school years.


    Student Support

    • When entering a Support Referral, teachers will no longer get an error message. Please note: Teachers have create access, but do not have edit rights to Student Support referrals.



    • When entering new transcript records, you will no longer receive an error message after saving the record.
    • The ‘Term’ dropdown of the 'Add New Transcript' now displays the Term Codes instead of the Term Definitions.



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