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The District releases an updated version of MiSiS with software fixes and/or enhancements every other Tuesday night. Browse the notes below to learn about all updates released since August 2014.
  • MiSiS Updates - April 20, 2016

    Posted by The MiSiS Team at 4/20/2016

    MiSiS Announcements


    Summer School

    Mass Summer School Enrollment screen has been enhanced. Users are able to add and delete summer school enrollments and course requests for multiple students at various times. User can add one request and come back later to add up to three more. The screen also has new appearance and includes some of the new user experience features which will be included in other MiSIS screens in the coming months.



    The following items have been updated/fixed in MiSiS:


    • The default minutes will automatically display for newly created sections at Continuation Schools.
    • The Attendance Referral Report is no longer counting tardies with office tardy reason codes as absent at secondary schools.



    • The Withdrawal Screen has been modified as follows:
      • Users may no longer enter a future withdrawal date.
      • A new withdrawal reason code has been added “Did Not Meet Graduation Requirements”. This reason code is used for 12th grade students who do not meet graduation requirements.
      • Validation was added to selected combinations of Withdrawal Code and Withdrawal Reason:
        • § L7 with Reason Code Diploma (90) may only be selected for students without a prior L7 and 90 who are On Track to Graduate.
        • § L7 with Reason Code Special Ed Certificate of Completion (92) may only be selected for students with an active IEP and without a prior L7 -92 withdrawal.
        • § L7 with Reason Code Special Ed Prior Completer (95) may only be selected for students with an active IEP and with a prior L7-92 withdrawal.
        • § L8 with Reason Code Did Not Meet Graduation Requirements( 82) may not be selected for students with an active IEP.
    • The Graduation Eligibility Report now includes columns for Homeless and Foster Youth.
    • School users can now promote/demote students using Grade Level Change on the Enrollment History screen. Users will no longer receive an error message.



    • The Section Attributes Report now displays all selected courses and the attributes associated to those courses. This report also contains a sub-report that drills down to the student level so the user can determine is the student is in the proper class or if the section attribute needs to be updated to reflect the students in that class. This report will also assist schools in identifying sections that call for the State Required English Learner Service attribute.
    • The section capacity field in Sections Editor was corrected to respect the total number of students in the class.
    • Course titles were corrected for specific schools and students.


    Summer School

    • The Summer School Counselor and Summer School District Admin user roles have been combined into one role “Summer School Counselor”.
    • The Summer School Counselor user role can now view transcript and graduation requirement information for all students.
    • On the Parent/Guardian screen, user will be able to select an Address Type = Summer School.
    • A new user role, “ESY District Admin”, has been added for Central Office staff.


    State Report

    • The Secondary SMASR now counts LE as Present and absence reason codes of Counseling Office (CO) and Principal's Office (PO) as Absent.
    • The dropdown menu for campus on the Secondary Classification report now includes City of Angels.


    English Learner

    • The ‘SBA Label & Student Roster’ report now displays a page break for every change in teacher and period.



    • The Missing Grades report will now display all courses with missing grades for students actively enrolled.
    • The Missing Grades report has been updated so that the ‘School’ parameter defaults to ‘All Schools’.
    • The Grades by Student screen no longer displays a gap in a student’s grade when a student withdraws and re-enrolls.


    Graduation Standards

    • The following updates have been made to the display output of the high school ‘IGP Report’:
      • The credit value will now display for all courses completed.
      • The credit value of the courses that are not used towards the count of the ‘Total Credits Completed’ are now displayed in a bold and italicized font.
      • The Additional Courses Completed section has been updated so that it only includes the courses that do not fulfill any of the A-G, CDE, or LAUSD subject requirements, but do count towards total credits.
      • The AP Exams used for subject validation are no longer concatenating with the course titles.
      • The abbreviated header labels of ‘REC/REQ’ have been updated to include the entire words of (r) Recommended and (q) Required.
    • The following updates have been made to display of the Graduation Standards Details Screen:
      • Courses completed that are beyond the subject requirements will now display within each subject area under the section ‘Additional Courses’ for both the LAUSD A-G and CDE sections, similar to the IGP Report.
      • The In-Progress Courses will now display for both the LAUSD A-G and CDE sections, similar to the IGP Report.
    • The high school IGP Report now displays courses that were previously missing from certain students.
    • A new ‘Middle School IGP Report’ has been developed which is located under the Graduation Standards section of the Reports menu.
    • The Middle School Certificate of Completion Eligibility List report has been updated so that points are awarded to courses in which a mark of ‘D’ or better is earned. Previously, only courses with a mark of ‘C’ or better were awarded points.
    • The Middle School Culmination Screen - Course Detail section no longer displays duplicated/repeated courses that are not awarded points.
    • As part of a policy change, students will not be granted credit for the 1st semester of the year-long Algebra 1 course, instead 10 credits (2 semesters) will be granted when students pass the 2nd semester of the year-long Algebra 1 course with a mark of "D" or better.
    • Authorized users (Principal, Scheduling Administrators, and Counselor Plus roles) can now change the Graduation Requirements Year of students dating back to 2010.



    • Data corrections have been made for reported students.



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