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The District releases an updated version of MiSiS with software fixes and/or enhancements every other Tuesday night. Browse the notes below to learn about all updates released since August 2014.
  • MiSiS Updates - September 21, 2016

    Posted by The MiSiS Team at 9/21/2016

    MiSiS Announcements/Reminders


    A New Look and Feel is Coming to Select MiSiS Screens October 4, 2016

    How MiSiS work is completed will remain the same.

    Click here for a preview of the new screen and a list of what will be changing.




    The following items have been fixed or updated in MiSiS:

    GATE Identification

    • Approximately 4500 3rd grade students have been automatically identified as High Achievement based on OLSAT scores. Schools may see which students were identified using the GATE Student Roster Report.


    GATE Student Search

    • The GATE Student Search screen now includes additional parameters, including Language Classification, Section 504, Teacher, Homeroom Teacher, Special Education, and Poverty Status.
    • The Search results will display columns for Special Education, Language Classification, and Poverty Status.
    • A new report, GATE Student Search, is now available for school and Central Office users.


    GATE Referral Screen

    • The GATE Referral Screen fields have been reorganized to improve the ability of schools to complete the referral form.
    • The GATE Referral Screen fields will lock after District Referral Status = Final Determination.
    • Schools and Central Offices may now print the GATE Referral Screen and Checklist from the screen.
    • Teachers will now receive a notification when a GATE Checklist has been assigned. The notification displays as a red symbol at the top right corner of the MiSiS screen.


    GATE Reports

    • A new report, GATE Parent Request Letter, is available. Report can be generated when parent/guardian requests GATE test data for students.
    • A new report, GATE Referral Count Report, is available for school and Central Office users. Report provides a count of GATE Referrals at a school by GATE Category and ethnicity.
    • A new report, GATE Psychologist Report, is available for Central Office users.


    Conservatory of Fine Arts

    • A new screen to identify students participating in Conservatory of Fine Arts will be viewable by school users on the Services menu. This screen may only be edited by the Central GATE office.
    • New screens are available for managing Conservatory of Fine Arts. These screens are for the Central GATE office.


    School for Advanced Studies

    • A new screen was added to allow schools to record student participation in School for Advanced Studies.
    • A new report, School for Advanced Studies Student Roster, is now available. This report will display a list of students with a School for Advanced Studies record in MiSiS.


    Migrant Program

    • The Migrant screen, on the Census menu, has been revised, which will be viewable by school users and editable by Central Migrant Office.
    • The Migrant reports have been modified to include additional parameters.



    • Students will now be able to enroll in off-site sections through the Walk-In Scheduler screen.
    • The Student Schedule Summary report will now display all students’ schedules.



    • The Uncleared Absences Report link is now available in the Student Profile Attendance tab.
    • The Attendance Reason code of SE: School Emergency, which is only used by the MiSiS Support Team, now counts as absent.
    • At Elementary Schools, the attendance reason codes of 4: Suspended School, 4I: In-School Suspension, and SC: Suspended Class are available for the status of LE (Left Early). This is to be used when a student is suspended during the day and leaves the class.
    • At Secondary Schools, the Master Absence Report is now disabling the SLC: Small Learning Community in the report parameter and column.



    • The Athletic Eligibility GPA requirement is waived for all initial 9th grade students who passed 20 semester credits, excluding homeroom courses, in their spring and/or summer semesters. This waiver has been applied to the Athletics screen and all Athletic Reports.


    State Reporting

    • The Secondary Classification Report now includes only students that have two or more section enrollments.
    • The Secondary Statistical Report now includes students who are enrolled in sections which have a section attribute of exclude attendance. The students are included in the report, but their attendance is displayed as D: Not Scheduled for Minimum Day on the SMASR portion of the report.
    • The Elementary Community Day School Statistical Report now displays the Run Date as of the date the report was generated centrally.


    English Learner

    • The Master Plan Roster now displays the correct L1 Proficiency Level and Date.
    • The EL Progress Profile Report now displays the LAUSD CELDT if this is the most recent test taken by the student.


    Student Testing

    • An ‘Effective Date’ parameter has been added to the STS Coding Roster so that it displays data even when school is not in session. This will also associate the student to the correct teacher when a student switches classrooms within the school year.



    • The Secondary Schools Report Card no longer times out when generated for the entire school.
    • Options Schools may now generate the Report Card.


    Graduation Standards

    • High Schools may now export the IGP Report to PDF.



    • When manually entering ‘Out of District’ courses into the students Transcripts, the screen no longer allows the Course Title to be left blank.
    • LAUSD Adult school courses can no longer be entered or edited from the student Transcript Details screen.
      Note: An interface between MiSiS and the Adult School SIS that posts the students’ grades to the MiSiS Transcripts is scheduled to be enabled soon. We will send notification as soon as this interface is enabled. If schools have any grades from Adult school courses that have not been entered into the MiSiS transcripts as of yesterday, they will have to call the MiSiS Help Desk and create a ticket to have the MiSiS Team insert these.



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