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Revised 2015-2018 LCAP is now available

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2015-2018 LCAP with updated Amendments 9/15/15  

The proposed 2015-16 Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) represents the fiscal prudence and beliefs in the equitable investments necessary to support the youth of LAUSD, which includes aligning the existing LCAP, the strategic goals of LAUSD and the funding provided by the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF). 

With a set of new investments and the maintenance of many of the current investments, this proposed LCAP serves as a commitment to continue serving all youth and the targeted youth under the LCFF. In addition, we continue to remain steadfast in affording our neediest school sites with the resources to support low-income, English learner and foster youth students throughout LAUSD. We do this through the recommendation to adopt and implement a set of equity-based investments and hold ourselves accountable for the outcomes we set and promise to our youth and families. In doing so, we honor the employees who work daily, all year, to make these promises of the LCAP possible.

The following is the Draft 2015-16 Local Control & Accountability Plan (LCAP) and various supporting documents:


Propuesta 2015-16 del Plan de Control y Rendición de Cuentas Local (LCAP) 

La propuesta 2015-16 del Plan de Control y Rendición de Cuentas Local (LCAP) representa la prudencia fiscal y las creencias en inversiones justas y necesarias para apoyar a los jóvenes de LAUSD, lo cual incluye alinear el LCAP existente, con los objetivos estratégicos del LAUSD y la financiación proporcionada por la Fórmula de Financiación de Control Local ( LCFF ) .

Con un propuesta de nuevas inversiones y el mantenimiento de muchas de las inversiones actuales, este LCAP propuesto sirve como compromiso para continuar sirviendo a todos los jóvenes y a los jóvenes que son objetivo en la LCFF . Además seguimos siendo firmes en ofrecer los recursos a nuestras escuelas más necesitadas para apoyar a los estudiantes de bajos ingresos, alumnos aprendices de ingles y a los estudiantes de crianza temporal en todo el LAUSD. Lo hacemos a través de la recomendación de adoptar y poner en práctica un conjunto de inversiones basadas en la equidad y asumimos responsabilidad por los resultados propuetos y la promesa hecha a nuestros jóvenes y familias. Al hacerlo, honramos a los empleados que trabajan a diario, durante todo el año, para que estas promesas de la LCAP sean posible.

A continuación se puede revisar el proyecto del Plan de Control y Rendición de Cuentas Local (LCAP) y varios documentos de apoyo:


Aportes de la Comunidad y Resumen de Comentarios - MUY PRONTO!

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An introduction to LCFF & LCAP

California’s 2013-14 Budget Act approved a new state school finance system that greatly simplifies the way schools are funded in California. This new method is known as the Local Control Funding Formula (LCFF) and represents a major shift in how California school districts were previously funded.
For nearly 40 years, California had relied on a system that included general purpose funding (known as revenue limits) and more than 40 tightly defined categorical programs to provide state funding to school districts. Under LCFF, California funds school districts, charter schools, and county offices of education equally per student with adjustments based on grade levels and demographic characteristics. Furthermore it requires school districts to develop accountability plans known as a Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP), to demonstrate to the public how education funds are used to support youth in a specific district.

Watch an interactive video on LCFF and LCAP 

LCFF/LCAP Overview
To download a pdf. version, click here

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