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The future of Los Angeles and the world is in our classrooms. We are recruiting individuals committed to ensuring that all students graduate college prepared and career ready. Take on this challenge, and join LAUSD. TEACH!

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The I LAUSD campaign celebrates the love and optimism that is LAUSD. These I LAUSD buttons express the joy derived from our outstanding employees whose dedication and collaborative work provide all District students with an excellent opportunity to achieve. 
The button draws attention to and celebrates the "US" in LAUSD. 
If you are interested in ordering I LAUSD buttons, please click here. 
All profits from the sale of the buttons will be donated to the Charitable Campaign.
Hamasaki Elementary 's LAUSD The first LAUSD school purchase of 37 "I  LAUSD" buttons!
Reasons why I heart LAUSD
Here are some reasons why we ♥ LAUSD:
  1. We have BRILLIANT home grown Outstanding Teacher Award winners like District Intern Jasmine Allen-Matora.
  2. We offer free MINDBLOWING continuing education to our lifelong teacher-learners.
  3. Our many FANTASTIC opportunities for career advancements.
  4. Great opportunities to work with many different cultures.
  5. Wide range of opportunities to service LA students in many different levels and capacities.
  6. LAUSD has the best benefit packet for EMPLOYEES in the state of California.
  7. Esteban E. Torres High School  5th Annual Eastside Arts Festival IS INSPIRING
  8. Hamasaki El. The first LAUSD school to purchase 37 “I LAUSD” buttons!
  9. 450 students from Napa Elementary School TEAM UP with LAPD Baseball and pledge to “Just Say No”
  10. Lincoln High School IS HOME TO LAUSD’S TEACHER OF THE YEAR NOMINEE Anthony Yom whose student earned a perfect score on the AP Calculus exam.
WHY DO YOU  LAUSD? Please add your reason in the comments here.
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Accepting and Reviewing Applications for School Nurses and the Following Related Service Areas

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