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We Must Continue
I recently experienced the Children's Defense Fund Freedom Schools' Training where attendees repeated the following exercise in unison: Breathe in renewal, breathe out fatigue. Breathe in optimism, breathe out pessimism. Breathe in confidence, breathe out insecurity. Breathe in peace, breathe out anxiety.... [READ MORE]
Evidence of Change: Moving Closer to 100% Graduation
Thank you for the love. May brings us evidence of change! Some kindergarteners are reading for the first time, third-graders can go through a paragraph with fluency and accuracy, and high school seniors have sent off their statement of intent to register for the Fall. And yes, our Class of 2014 graduation rates went up to 70.4%!... [READ MORE]
An LAUSD with High Expectations is the New Normal. Anything Less Is Unacceptable

Our LAUSD students and families deserve an educational system that believes in embracing a changing world and 100% graduation. Believing in anything less is unacceptable and the Equity on A-G: Re-affirming Our Commitment to A-G Life Preparation for Allresolution that will come forward to the L.A. School Board of Education affirms our community's demand for schools that prepare college and career ready graduates.... [READ MORE]

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