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Professional Learning and Leadership Development




Since the 2015-2016 school year, LAUSD has implemented a new growth and development process for school principals. Through a two-year pilot process, working with over 200 principal volunteers and 65 directors, the LAUSD team has collaboratively built a common language about principal effectiveness, tools and processes to prepare for full implementation.


The Educator Development Support: School Leaders Process (EDSSL) includes :


  • A series of reflection activities, evidence collection, conferencing and feedback opportunities, and professional goal setting activities, all of which are aimed at helping to identify strengths and opportunities for improving school leader practice.
  • Procedures are used in conjunction with other ongoing school site visits, walkthroughs, or professional conversations that take place as part of effective ongoing leadership and support practices in schools. 
LAUSD School Leadership Framework Resources




Please contact Beth Bythrow at (213) 241-6608 or at bbythrow@lausd.net for more information.